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Is it possible that...

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by PinG, Oct 9, 2005.

  1. There is life a lot closer then we think, it's just us as humans are not advanced enough to know whats going on. Like on planets close to us, theres life it's just we can't see them becasue the way they look or we haven't looked close enough. I feel that this very possible that theres plenty of different life on earth it's jsut our brains aren't advanced enough to notce that they are thier witht he 5 senses we have. Maybe in the future we will have toehr senses that could detect new lfie that we couldnt see. Sorry if this dosent make sense right now im pretty high. Ill fix it later when I can.
  2. Im pretty sure most of us know that plants are living things! Hence growers calling their plants, "my babies" :cool:
  3. what i think he is trying to say is maybe...there is life on our planet...or life on other planets that we cant spirits that can only be connected to in a new kind of they live normal everyday lives..there just on another scale of ours( i dont mean a spirit...but somening of that nature ya know)
  4. I bet there is life on close planets, but it depends on what you consider close. Considering the vast expanses of the universe, the amount of star systems, galaxies, and just the fact that the universe could very well be infinite, the close planets im talking about are too far away to travel too in thousands of years, but ocmpared to the grand scheme are pretty close to us. When you stop and think about it, this universe is fucked up. The milky way galaxy alone has approximately 100 billion stars. 100 BILLION! That's ridiculous. Consider how many of those could possibly have solar systems similar to our own. Not only does out galaxy have 100 billion stars, but there the hubble telescope can detect something like 80 billion galaxies. Multiply those numbers, and thats a shitload of stars. I heard on the discovery channel there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on the earth. It's up in the quintillians or some shit. So a close planet, yes I think a close planet has life. How close is close? I consider close to be just inside our own galaxy, which is so huge we can't even fathom the vastness with our puny 10% working human brains.

    I doubt there is life that we can't see on earth, I think there is plenty of life to look at here already anyway.
  5. alienrs r trippy,i wanna be abducted :smoke:
  6. Smoke some alien weed. I bet they got some crazy shit.

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