Is it possible that I can't trip?

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  1. I've tried shrooms, acid, and DMT all at different times with the appropriate doses, and have had all three turn out "bunk" on me. Shrooms have worked for me twice, the other two never. Is it possible I just can't trip? I take pretty heavy anti-depressants.
  2. Are you taking any anti-psychotics too?
  3. When I used to be on certain anti depressants I could never trip, or roll, or get high on anything except weed, then I stopped taking them and started getting way higher on everything...
  4. You say you cant trip but then you said shrooms worked for you twice?

    I got friends who go off their anti depressants for a week or two when they know their gonna trip
  5. I'd say depends what ones too, SSRI's could easily fuck with em.
  6. Yes I take SSRIs. Shrooms have worked 2 times in 5 attempts, Acid 0 or 1 and DMT 0 for 1. All doses had been deemed fine by other people who took them.
  7. not trying to sound mean, but obviously its your anti depressants, no?
  8. I forget the guys name, but he has made a couple threads recently about this.

    He was using Zoloft I think, and he got some acid, he stopped taking it before he dosed.

    I dunno how long before.
  9. All I can say it try it without the drugs.

    It could be you though. Acid doesn't make me trip most of the time I take it, but other shit like 2C-x, mescaline, shrooms and DMT will.

    The brain is a mysterious place full of suprises.
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    Yeah I've tripped mushies lots of times but the only time I could get ahold of (what I thought was) quality acid I didn't trip. One of my friends brought it back from Bonnaroo and was selling it to everyone in my group so I decided what the hell and took 2 hits from the last of what he had (4 hits). He took the other 2 and was tripping hard, I felt nothing. Needless to say I was very dissapointed.

    Edit: Oh and I'm not taking any medication at all.
  11. Yo I would go off them for sure, but the withdrawls are terrible... puking and all that.
  12. Ya SSRI's fuck with all of that. My highs from weed are definitely not as good, but I also smoke too much haha. I don't know if they affect booms or anything else though.
  13. anti depressants fuck with almost everything associated with brain behavior, so of course they would fuck with the highs..

    fucking zombie pills of the masses..
  14. Word, I take Lexapro as an anti-depressant and it makes me feel VERY neutral and foggy a lot of the time.
  15. I wouldn't go as far as to say that... the pills improve my quality of life greatly. I'd much rather life a normal life than go off of them simply to be able to "trip."
  16. Why not change your antidepressants to something else. There's loads of varieties out there man.
    There's this one called 'st johns wort' its a herbal antidepressant and is really good but without the withdrawals.

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