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  1. I have a couple questions for my first grow. my plants about 3-4 months old and ive had lights on 24/7 for about a month. my questions are what light cycle should i be using and when will this plant flower and what light cycle should be used then.

    2 months




    also is it possible to tell if its a male or female by the pictures?
  2. switch lights to 12-12 to flower. plant small for 4 month old.?? uh what happened?? more info plz-----------------:D
  3. well first of all i forgot to write down when exactly it start so thats a guess. also it was in shitty soil for awhile, it wasnt untill i replanted in fox farm that it really got super big. this is a pic from the old soil:


    do you think i should keep the lights on 24/7 to get it bigger before flowering or should i do it now. because im moving in the middle of july so i want to be done by then
  4. You may have a tough time finishing that plant off by mid-July. But, if you need it done ASAP start flowering ASAP. Around like 10 days or so after putting it on a 12/12 light cycle you should be able to determine if it's male or female. Looks healthy, but I agree with the guy above. Seems pretty small for 3-4 months. What kind of light, and how much of it?

    Good luck, hope it's a female. You gotta good lookin plant!
  5. Yep, 12/12 asap if you need buds pdq. ;) Also, replant her into a bigger pot, she'll get quite a bit bigger when u put her in 12/12. :)

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