Is It Possible Or Not

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by gogetten19, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Well This Is My Problem I Have A Couple Of Clones that I Grew Hydroponically Indoors Till They Were About 5 Ft Tall and Then About week and a half ago I threw Them Outside to Bud and now they have little popcorns on them Keep In mind that they are still being hydroponically grown outdoors cause instead of shocking the plants and putting them in soil I just ran Extension Cords underground The Only thing I am Worried About is will they finish and if they wont Is it possible to Throw them indoors before it gets to cold and keep them budding without reverting them back to Veg Growth Cause I was Thinking that I could keep the lights the same as daylight I Live in the mountains of North Carolina and also What time of year around here do you harvest and what Is To cold for the plants cause it is about 60' Degrees outside and when I felt the water coming out of my dripper it was Really Cold Is any of this gonna Affect the plant AnyHelp Is appreciated I am New Here as Yall know So if you could give me your Best Ideas For my Crop Thanks :confused:

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