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is it possible for the United States to get invaded?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. America wants to protect its investment - us - the people.

    Soylent Green is people!
  2. LOL, most people don't care about America (except for the movies of course). Only people that don't like Americans are the ones America invade on there crusades of "kindness".

    From my view your country has terrible climate/weather/earth quake issues and is not worth invading, no profit in that.

    May invade hollywood, that is where all the pretty women are at least :p
  3. Yes I believe its possible..
    They better just know it will be retaliation.
  4. Basically it's possible but why bother?
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    I'd get americas land, but why would they want american freedoms? So they invade to get your freedoms? What freedoms?

    Times of warfare through invasion are over. Who is still doing it besides the US? (in the normal world not 3rd world african countries obviously?).

    Economical warfare and other shit would rather be the weapon of choice imho, but even if, it would only start after america stops fueling the others coutnries economies. China could do it, but they would rather earn a lot of money for a couple more years and grow and grow and grow and get richer and richer and richer.:D
  6. Like others have said... Anything is possible.

    But invading America with armed forces would be an incredibly difficult task. We have good relations with the governments of the countries above and below us and our sides are protected by the two largest oceans, and the world's largest Navy.

    All of our airspace would be pretty much impenetrable during a time of war, with our aircraft carriers, interceptor aircraft, and complex air defense nets.

    So, if a military powerful enough to get through all this were in theory to try to invade America, the big factor is where. Yeah our capital is on the East coast and if the enemy could place enough troops on the east coast to take our capital, it could cause great chaos all over the country... However, now they only have the East coast as the rest of the country turns their focus on reclaiming what was lost. So from a tactical standpoint, you're fighting the entire country with your back against a wall. With the threat of enemy reinforcements attacking from behind, a.ka. America's allies britain, france, germany, etc. So that makes an East coast invasion a poor idea.

    The West coast would be similar, but all they can really do over there is disrupt imports. We don't have any super crucial governement on that side of the nation. There's also American forces stationed in Alaska and Hawaii, so they would have to be taken out first before invading the West coast, or you'll just get encircled and wiped out. So a West coast invasion is also a poor idea.

    I guess if the Mexican government falls apart and cartels establish their own government and military and said military would powerful enough, you could drive all the way into the mid U.S. ... But the Cartels gaining control of Mexico can't happen. There'd be too much of a bloody power struggle to see which cartel leader will lead the country. And after that, they're militaries still couldn't hold a candle to ours.

    ... If I were to strike the U.S. ANYWHERE as a enemy commander with a powerful enough Navy to do it... It'd be from the Gulf of Mexico. Why? The majority of America's oil refineries are in the Gulf. You can take out a massive amount of oil production for the entire country just by taking and holding those refinieries. However... Invading the gun-toting redneck south isn't a good idea. Pretty much everybody in the South owns a gun, and there would be an overwhelming number of Militia.

    Is invading America possible? .... Yeah it's possible.

    Is the enemy going to win? .... Hell no.
  7. If anything I would say America would be invaded economically.
    Greed will be the downfall of America.
  8. How would we be invaded economically? We are the biggest consumer's in the world, why would any country want to lose money? It would affect us if a few countries placed embargos on our goods but honestly we could survive easily.

  9. They could do that because they put ideology over eocnomical profit. Or because they think letting you consume will bring them less money than spending money on warfare and then letting you guys consume under their rules.

  10. Impossible to invade america at any given time theres around 8 million police/soldiers 26 million registered gun owners. On top of that you have canada to the north and mexico to the south that means a 3 on 1 you will get shot down before you hit the shore america owns the sea.
  11. The enemy will not be wearing brown shirts and boots. They will be wearing Nikes and smiley face t-shirts.
  12. I think our biggest threat is our debt. We're going to be invaded by our economic problems and that will be when america will get weaker and weaker so eventually itll be possible for other countries to invade with possible success. Just my opinion
  13. Did this thread by any chance get created because of Red Dawn (the remake)? Shit I didn't know about the movie, just started streaming and I have to say the first 20 minutes are great as fuck. Pretty dramatic start of the invasion.
  14. A flash mob could invade us lol. Just get a shit load of soldiers to dress normal street clothes spread out all over then bam they all whip put AK's and start icing people before they know whats up. Do this in a port city and boom theres your access for the rest of your army. It could happen. I think other countries are just waiting for us to start fighting each other to make their move
  15. ^^^ Or they could just make a terrorist attack, like bringing in a nuke/dirty bomb through cargoships. America couldn't just retailiate against another country immediately.

    Maybe a combination of both. But your thought was pretty much the same idea I just had watching the movie. It would be way easier if you brought in undercover normal people that start a mess, then when the gov isn't able to get shit under control, bring in the masses of soldiers.
  16. Thank god you are not a colonel of any army of any sort.

  17. Care to elaborate? :rolleyes::p:D
  18. I think it means i could invade the u.s. if i had an army. Lmao.

  19. Lemme elaborate for him.

    Take over a port and have access to the rest of your army... Yeah that sounds nice.

    Until the Navy wipes that port from the map.
  20. No, it would be logistically impossible, we are geographically isolated, and our vastness, military, industrial might, and the fact that there are countless weapons in circulation makes us logistically impossible to invade. If there was a regional conflict between the US, and say, China, then it would most likely go nuclear. I remember this coming up in a thread about Nazis. Modern day North America will never be invaded, it will be an irradiated wasteland long before then.

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