is it possible for anyone to tell the gender?

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  1. these babies are age between 22 days and 17 days, I can't see any male yet still, can barely see the girls.

    anyone got any idea?


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  2. Nope still to early. Needs another couple weeks before he/she shows. IMO Much Love.
  3. Also you would need to take pics of the nodes for people to tell.

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    trying to upload but my network is so bad I can't do much.

    but I though lowryder #2 were suppose to show the boys around 17 to 20 days though :(
  5. Where lol
  6. it was uploaded, then my stupid 3g had a tcp error, hit retry and no images, I gave up uploading.
  7. here's a few pics I taken today.

    I read everywhere saying they should show the male between 17 to 20 days, these are 18 to 23 days, I can't see nothing from any of them.


    I switch the bulb from 6400k to 2700k today, should I keep it this way or switch back again?


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  8. i don't see anything. possibly some little pistil on that plant in the 7th pic.
  9. Dont be afraid to get a little closer with that camera my man!
  10. I tried but most of the time it comes out blurr :(
  11. I feel ya there, you must got a shitty camera like me. Does your camera got a macro mode? Mine does but it doesnt help much.

    I bet they are showing sex though, I just grew out Masterlow(masterkush X Lowryder) for 20 something days, they were all males(4). They do show sex quick, usually by the 5th internode. 3 showed in 16 days under 24/7 HPS light and the other mutant took a week longer, I thought it was a female because it was taking so long, I was pretty shitty. I got a few more seeds left though.
  12. I try that, I'm usng the camera on the Samsung F480, which got better pic than the N95 8GB, suprisingly.

    they both got macro mode, I try that tomorrow when I get over there again, they in my dad's, I don't live there :)

    hope mine are girls, the stems are so hairy on them, but that don't tell anything :(

  13. ok is anything showing in these pics guys?

    is it ok to put them in 12/12 to force them if they not showing anything?


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  14. see anything from these?

    I'm not really sure what I'm looking at here

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  15. naa. not yet. but soon. look for white hairs that would shoot out. very very obvious to the eye. that would be female. male would be a cluster of small green balls
  16. 4 boys found today :( gonna start another grow now with feminis seeds Masterkush :) dont know wat the other 6 are yet but not looking good :(

  17. fuck that sucks. better luck on the next one
  18. like was stated above negative. just keep postin pics and we'll get it figured out, good luck on a female!
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    I got one girl for defo :) wow, I think there's one more boy, 80% certain there's one more boy, I know for sure tomorrow, the other 5 aint showing nothing, mixed seeds really sux, 10 in a pack and 5 were boys :( I'm getting feminised from now on, works out costing me the same money and less to no gamble :)

    here's the girl :) on the boys, instead of seeing the little white hair, I see tiny little green balls :) they're all dead now :D

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  20. a bit of update, after a few days, 7 boys were killed off, left with 3 girls, one is very heathy and hairy all over, one moving slowly but nicely, one moving extremely slow and the top looks a bit burned, I posted a question in another post about trimming off the big fan leafs but got no answer, so I went ahead and did it anyway, if it grows great, if it dies I couldn't care less :) I will only get feminized from now on, it was a very big dissapointment.

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