is it possible? attaching one plant to another?

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  1. So I was having a conversation with an old man the other day he tells me that back in his day they made plants wat ever sex they wanted? Im just curious not much of a believer he told me he would take cuttings from a female slice a vegging plants stem just a bit insert the flowering stem in and his plants were female most of the time. Is he just smoking some good stuff or wat?
  2. It's called grafting. I think there's a post about it in the advanced section.
  3. It's also crazy talk, buy fem seeds. Grafting ineffective, unreliable extremely hard to master and any other tern you can come up to say that it's just pointless. I am not sure that grafting works like this anyways, grafting simply allows a branch of a different plant to grow on the root system of another plant. I have never heard of it effecting the sex of a plant and doubt that it's true. Most of the time female sounds like postivethinking and decent female ratios in seeds. Grafting is best left to fruit trees and for grafting Mary Jane and hopps for kicks.
  4. ^^^^^ +1 ^^^^^ it really is pointless as tmntgrower nailed it. It can be done quite easily but only to graft a branch to another strain. It doesn't mix the genetics nor will it serve any purpose other than as a novelty.
  5. i had a cherry tree that was grafted and gave me 3 different types of cherries
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