Is it pathetic/desperate if you use online hookup sites?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by boredsmoke, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. I'll be honest Im a virgin, never had a girlfriend. Im in college. It is not that Im ugly or socially inept, maybe inconfident though.
    Mainly just that:
    1. I just want a casual relationship/friends with benefits, ultra chill
    2. I never really tryed to get any (no parties+I don't like them), just too busy

    So I just heard of plenty of fish, sounds good. I'm just wondering is it frowned upon to be on these sites?

    I don't want my profile showing up on some search and collegues/business contacts thinking I suck. Because otherwise it sounds good... although I'm sort of worried about STDs or pregnancy risks but a condom should do.
  2. You gotta work on your self confidence. If you can't ask a girl out, your date with a stranger isn't gonna go well either. Girls usually dont have to use a dating site because guys come to them, kinda says things about the kind of girl who goes on these. Not saying you cant find what your looking for online, but a FWB relationship with a girl you met online is exactly where you're going to find an STD.
  3. don't risk it, just go to the bar and hit on drunk girls, its not that hard, you gotta put some more effort into it
  4. Hey there, understand that sites like Plenty of Fish and others, really work well if you're into casual/anonymous sex. You may find a FWB there, but you may not. its not a guarantee. And you can make your profile as secretive or obscure or not reveal much personal information on it. Don't worry about co-workers, friends or family causing grief for you from these sites.....WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY DOING ON THERE??? LOL. I know of quite a few couples who met online, and equal numbers who didn't. If you're comfotable with the technology the go with it. and good luck.

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