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Is it okay to spray chloraseptic in my throat and smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cataclismic, May 18, 2010.

  1. Might be a silly question but I know chloroseptic has pain reliever in it
  2. while your at it test if spraying nasal spray in your throat works.
  3. lmao, just man up and take another hit.
  4. I take it you have a sore throat? If so get some halls with the mentholyptus it works for me.
  5. It works good, but why is your throat sore? If it is from smoking you should take a break for a while. If it is sore because you are sick, you are going to make it worse. If you are sick and are having stomach problems you should smoke to get better. But if you have bronchitis you should definitely not smoke as that would make it worse.

    Chloraseptic should be used as directed. What is it - one spray anhour I think, but if you use more it probably won't hurt much, I has a performance I did, a show where I sang every other song in the whole show. I practiced so much I lost my voice and the doctor told me not to sing or even talk for the whole week since that was how long until the show. At the show I was losing my voice so I gave a couple of sqirts before each number and it worked out well. So. I abused it, but didn't have any repercussions, that doesn't mean you should, just weigh out the consequences. YMMV.

  6. Idk if it's from smoking or not. It's been raining alot lately, it might be a cold. It did start after a big gravity bong hit I took. It may jiust be from coughing on the hit. possible?
  7. spray that shit on your buds n let it dry youll never get a sore throat again

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