Is It Okay To Just Plant In The Soil Thats Already There

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  1. I really dont want to go out and buy special soil and mix a lot of stuff together so I was wondering if I could just plant the seeds in the ground after i stir up the dirt a few times

  2. well depends my friend... but strongly recommend u germinate them first, possibly buy some planters and keep them in pots.. dig some dirt give it a try.. when u plant the germd seeds never pack the dirt and only bury .5-1" in. tops.... ive never tried it but sure they will grow if done properly... there's so many different ways you can do things.. none are wrong.. just some work and some dont.. try it.. and learn from exp.. it didnt matter how much i researched/posted.. i learned mostly from exp. although it does help to read as much as possible, but nothing can teach you better than exp.
  3. hope this helped message me if u need ne thing i check my profile daily since i doin my first outdoor grow... i will be glad to help.. if i dont know somehting i wont feed u bullshit i will simply say idk lol..
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    If you wanna do something illegal, grow your best because the penalty for getting caught doesn't change with potency. I know from experience that using what's already there doesn't always work well. I got an
    ounce per plant.. But you can get decent soil for under $10 since it's for one plant. You will be rewarded for the extra effort in the end.
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    First attachment - beginning of April was chop chop. Pic was sometime a couple weeks before.
    Second attachment - 5/15
    Third - now.

    Never removed the stalk, though it's best to do so I imagine. Sprinkle the same.soil mix on top, didn't even cover the old completely. The tomato plant was rooted in water only. Shoved it beside the old stalk, left it where sits. Unless I need to drive my suv, then move it to the side. Not sure if it's visible, but it sits right behind my secondary vehicle...

    Same principle. If you want to be safe, throw some jobe's or espoma organic ferts in there.(just my preference).

    The bulb fell and took out half of the plant by the way.

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  6. Well now - I guess it depends on what you'd like to get out of your plant.

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    I stared at that picture of the tomato plant for an age thinking that couldn't possibly be dank of any form.
  8. I stared at that picture of the tomato plant for an age thinking that couldn't possibly be dank of any form.

    I've just been looking and couldn't understand why my brain was telling me something wasn't right with 2 and 3. Zoomed in to realise I'm also getting my daughter's to grow these plants and I know you don't smoke them. As for 1 is this really the thread owners considering he's asking about germing straight into ground soil. I think we have a joker

    if we all had a smoke, we wouldn't need war

  9. I don't understand what your saying? Could you rephrase that for me?
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    I looked at your pictures first before reading the post. So I had no idea that was a tomato plant, I kept staring at it wondering what it was, then I read your post and it all became clear.
  11. Yes. You can make a mulch. Start in september with leaves and grass/plant clippings. By March it should be ready. If you have hard dry clay soil, make sure you break up the soil at least 18 inches down because the roots will have a hard time growing in hard clay soil. Keep cats away from freshly turned topsoil. Good luck!!!
  12. Oh, sorry. I was referring to bozie. I understood what you were saying. Thanks anyway though. Sorry for my confusion.
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    Do you mean the ground in your backyard?  I always use a gallon of dirt from my raised bed vegtable garden in my 7 gallon pots.  Never had a problem, but that soil is supercharged organic. Every spade full brings up 3 or 4 worms.
    My 2 beds are a vegtable factory, so I don't think that answers your question.  Sorry.

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