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Is it okay to decarb weed that is already grinded up?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by k0ru, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. I've never made edibles before, but I decided I wanted to try and make some. I had already ground up all the weed I needed before I even decarbed it so... Am I able to decarb the grinded weed?
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  2. Yes absolutely
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  3. It’s preferable to be ground up.
  4. Alright, cool! Also, just while you're here do you know any recipes I can use that require minimal preparation? I don't really have the ability to get lots of ingredients rn.
  5. google firecrackers
  6. Try BNW hash caps all ya need is weed and oil only takes a hr to make 28-30 caps
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  7. Grinding is easier after decarb because herb is less sticky afteward.
    Firecrackers are the easiest edible, but they can be made easier and better by making "firecracker spread" instead.
    Here's a test-size version of that made with nutella, but any nutbutter works well. It is based on BrassNwood's excellent method.
    1. Decarb at least 2.5 g flower @ 240 F for 40 min using a verfiying thermometer.
    2. Grind to fine powder.
    3. Mix together the following:
    (2.25 g HerbPowder) + (2.25 g Lecithin) + (33 g NutButter) = 9*(4 g Servings of 40 mg THC) + (1.5 g Waste)
    4. Pre-heat the mixture on a stove top to 220 F, then bake at that temp for 40-60 min.

    This produces about 9 servings of 4 g each, and each serving will have about 40 mg THC.
    Or 36 servings of 10 mg THC.
    The mixture won't taste good, but using more nut butter reduces herb taste. I sometimes make 6 g servings instead of 4 g servings. That would use 18 more grams of nut butter. This can be spread onto anything.

    Differences between this method and BrassNwood's include using flower instead of kief, baking for an uninterupted 40+ min instead of interupting midway with a freeze, and using much more lecithin and carrier oil.

    This method can be used to bake box mix cookies by using the recipe oil instead of nut butter, and then restricting the 220 F infusion time to 20-40 min.
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  8. 3.5 grams decarbed weed
    Ground and put into 100grams of dark chocolate
    Buy some emoji silicone molds off eBay/ amazon (3 for $10)

    Will make 20-25 chocolates.
    Roughly 20mg each
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