Is it okay folks?

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Is it look healthy?

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  1. I just wondering that i can bear some weight loss cuz i got some leaf eater..i spraied soap-water mixture onto the leafs. And another thing, why are the top leaves are so thin any look not too good i guess. Thanks for time cheers

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  2. did you spray off with water after you sprayed the mixture?
  3. do you see how the cells on top look bulgy??thats from too much water. try to back off a little
  4. other than that, it looks healthy to me. if youre spraying neem or some sort of pesticide, itll sometimes make the leaves feel thin. rinse them off and they should perk up again.
  5. not sure where you live but the june bugs and japanese beetles are about. they cause similar damage. set your alarm to like 3am. when it rings, go check out your plants with a light (dont worry, wont hermie) and see whats chewing on your leaves. leaf chewing insects usually come out at night. might be earwigs too. those are also active at night and yes they chew on leaves. pretty bad too if they develop an appetite for the ganja
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  6. Thanks guys.i dont spray just with water after the mixture. I will check the bugs. For the next 2-3 day no water its ok? I gave them this evening. But its 35 c degrees at day.
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  7. leaf chewing insects arent as bad as leaf sucking insects. might just be temporary too. certain bugs get more active around this time of the year

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