is it okay being on here at a college library?

Discussion in 'General' started by Exodus2011, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Yeah i'm in a college library atm, just wondering if this is illegal somehow.

    fuckin system got me paranoid as a mug
  2. i'm flicking up and down really fast so no weed pics are clear. when someone goes by close i hurry up and go to new tab, while right clicking on first tab and covering up the word word "grass"
  3. Nothing illegal about visiting a website, unless it's child pornography, pirating, etc..
  4. ok phew. i'm sweating a bit tbh
  5. its all good blade. i get on here at my college library all the fuckin time haha
    i just scroll down past pics.
  6. you should be, they're watching you
  7. *lets out breath i've been holding for past 5 minutes and wipes sweaty palms on pants* i see haha.
  8. oh shit you're right.

    there's this long white van parked right outside the window

    i keep saying a shadow person form in that corner of my vision but when i look it disappears

  9. No quickly, get under your desk NOW! HURRY BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!
  10. earthquake!!
  11. lol i vist GC at uni al the time :p
  12. At my college, you have to sign into the computers and one of my professors said the school can see what you look at online, but they usually only do it if law enforcement asks.
  13. Just sit in a corner or against a wall so no one can look over your shoulder.

    I wouldn't use a library computer just cause its a lot easier to view history, but no one would care if you're on your own computer.

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