Is it OK to Supercrop during Preflowering

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by iambuterdtoast, May 10, 2011.

  1. Is it safe to supercrop your plants during preflower?
  2. I did and everything still went smooth. But i am new to growing and i did it for practice using my own discretion. So wait until one of the pros respond.

  3. thank you for your input, i am sure i will be fine to only use this method on 3 of the branches for my sativa, which is stretching about 6-7 inches taller than my indica is now.
  4. I do it almost religiously.
  5. if you have gone into 12/12 i woulnt do it , only because of the energy taken away ftom flower production and spent on repair. But if youre stil vegging with preflowers showing than yeah :smoke:
  6. I supercrop at any stage of growth. They repair themselves very quickly. I use the technique most often in flower to even out my canopy height, so one plant does not force me to raise the lights on the rest of the row. I haven't noticed any negative effects by doing it in flower.
  7. yeah same here..

    an uneven canopy during flower will screw with growth more than a little supercrop ime.
  8. Are you referring to a scrog ?
  9. AW knows whats up as usual ^^^^^

    An uneven canopy is definitely more detrimental than supercropping. I may or may not have accidentally done it for the first time a while ago, and they stiffen back out within a day or so.:eek:
  10. I take cuttings around days 17-24 during flower, and never had any problems. as stated above, they bounce back real fast, if healthy to start with anyway. We call it monster cloning in this area of the country, and Ive had great success with it. After I get through re-veg, I throw em in 12-12 to flower, and usually get about twice as many main cola shoots, without topping or fimming. In fact as soon as I harvest my flowering girls now, I have 10 monster clones ready to go into flower for the next cycle.
    we have a side by side grow right now of some regular clones, and some monsters & the monsters each have 4 big colas with no toppping, and the regulars only have 2 after being topped, and 4 on the ones I fimmed. The monsters have about twice the trich production though, first time Ive noticed that though..
  11. Supercropping is a way of topping your plant without cutting the main cola off.
  12. Supper Cropping is awesome.

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