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Is it ok to smoke once u become a parent?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by sexykush420, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. I was wondering what u guys feel on this subject.
    me and my mom talked about this the other night
    and i was wondering what your guys views whould

    Much herb luv:smoke:
    sexy kush 420
  2. everything in moderation.
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  3. Its a pretty subjective question. I personally have many friends who are parents who toke on the regular without it interfering with their childs safety or the amount of love their children receive. Gettin totally blown and sitting on the couch all day while your baby screams would indicate a problem though.
  4. I think as long as you don't smoke while pregnant, or expose your kids to it at an early age, its fine. I know a girl whos 17 and breaks up weed right in front of her daughter, and then leaves her alone to go smoke a blunt. Her daughter is like, 1 or 2 years old irresponsible that girl. :(
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  5. Depends. Say you have $20 and your baby needs diapers, but you haven't had a nice burn in a week and your eying the newspaper in the corner.
  6. definatley tone it down alot and just smoke a j now and then i think , a child is a big responsibillity
  7. I'm a parent, I smoke, so what :bongin:

    Seriously though I don't wake and bake anymore and definitely smoke less than I use to. You can consume cannabis responsibly and still be a good parent.
  8. Of course you can smoke once you become a parent.

    Actually, i think it should be encouraged that parents smoke, because it helps take the stress off raising children.

    And like it has been said here already - moderation is key.
  9. i'll let you know when i have kids

    as long as you arent super baked all day i dunno why not
  10. I'm a parent and still get high.

    I stopped while I was pregnant and during the feeding-him-natural stage and then went back to it.

    I'd never break out anything in front of him or allow him to see me do it, though. Am I ever high around him? Sure. I'm not someone who gets knocked out by getting high, though. I don't veg on the couch and ignore my child.

    My child is, and will always be, my first priority. If anything ever gets in the way of that, then I'll stop matter what it is.
  11. There shouldnt be guidelines to when its still "ok" to smoke weed, if you feel it betters your life then toke up:), if not then dont, simple as that.
  12. It's not really that simple when you have a child, though.

    People can "feel" whatever they like but it's how they live their lives that matters. A person could "feel" that weed makes his life better but better could be slumming on the couch, watching tv and tuning his hungry child out.

    It's not about how you feel when you have a child. It's all about your child.

    I knew a girl who felt that weed was her friend and that she could raise her child and be high at the same time and now she's without her child.

    It all comes down to what comes first with a person and what they can handle as an individual. Some people can do both and some can't.
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  13. Exactamundo.
  14. Of course it is. There is nothing morally wrong about smoking pot.

    As in all things, the key is to take care of business first and to be responsible. There is also the practical consideration that it IS illegal and kids have loose lips. Use discretion.
  15. I'm a parent and responsibly smoke. And I know some parents that just smoke all day and don't really care about their children. It depends on the person. Some people can do it, others can't.

    It all comes down to what kind of parent you are. I've met parents that smoke around their children because either they don't give a shit, or they don't want to be hypocrites and keep their smoking a secret from them. I can understand that, but really i'd never smoke around my son.

    I can write and write my opinion about smoking after having children, but it'd just be too long. Bottom line is be responsible then if you can and have time to smoke, then smoke up, but stay responsible.
  16. do it responsibly. the child always comes first.
  17. As long as you're responsible, no one should give a shit.
  18. I've smoked and grown for around 30 years. I did take a break in growing for a few years during my daughter's teen years; kids just talk too much and by that age you can't really hide a grow so I resorted to small stealth grows and a couple of guerilla outdoor grows during the 'dark years'.

    I raised a healthy, intelligent young woman who is now going on 19 and in college. This is despite the abuse her mother (we divorced when she was 1) gave her. I wound up with full custody and my wife and I did the best we could and I am honestly proud of the results. She's not perfect and she has learning to do still (so do I at age 42!) but she's going to be OK.

    All this while smoking every day. It has no bearing on parenting.
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    There are several issues to consider.

    1) Should you do anything which might cause you to be taken away from your child? ie: In your state, with the amounts you tend to possess, would you go to jail if caught? Would you lose your job if caught?

    2) Pregnant women shouldn't smoke

    3) Do you or people who you don't want to be in disagreement with (ie: your significant other, etc) consider smoking unethical? (Some people don't drink at all because they think its unacceptable... I assume there are some who, even if legality wasn't an issue, would take issue with smoking due to it altering you in some way, etc etc).

    To sum up things to consider, post-pregnancy:

    If it is possible you might go to jail, are you willing to risk this with a kid in your house?

    Is it going to cause serious issues with your significant other (if you are raising a child with someone else)

    Do you yourself see smoking as something that isn't a good idea, and don't want your kid exposed to it?

    Personally, I would be most affected by #2. I don't see smoking as unethical at all, and I'm in a state where they decriminalized small amounts. (But, I don't have, nor do I ever plan to have kids, so my perspective may be a little skewed). You should consider the above situations.

    Keep in mind that if you are responsible when smoking, and aren't dealing, it would be pretty hard to get yourself caught.

  20. AMEN RMJL! I feel the same way. My daughter is my main priority.

    She's 7 months old. I definately don't smoke like i used to. No wake n bake. No time for that lol. I get off work, relax w/ my girl & play with our daughter, eat dinner, play w/ our daughter more, feed/change/etc her, and once we lay her down for the night, THEN we will bust out the herb and the tube :smoke: There have been times where a friend will come over while she's awake, and we'll step out on the patio and burn a quick bowl, but we pay attention to our daughter and if she starts crying, one of us will go in & play with her. We smoke cigarettes too, so she's used to us stepping outside for a while.

    its been said many times on here already, but i'll say it again! As long as its in moderation and done responsibly, its okay. None of our shit is accessible to her & we never take anything out in front of her. I don't want her knowing about that stuff & later on going to school being like "mommy & daddy smoke green cigarettes"

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