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is it ok to smoke in a room with a smoke detector?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Recovery1CDR, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. Hey just wondering if it's ok to smoke a bowl in a room with a smoke detector in it. The smoke detector is pretty high up and on the opposite side of the room. Thanks!
  2. Smoke Detector = Detects smoke.

    dude, just disarm it.

    your answer is in your question.

    come on man.
    but if it isn't TOO smokey, you just might get away with it. Run some trials.
  3. i have blazed in many rooms with smoke detectors, just be smart

  4. how would one disarm it?

  5. Twist it, it should come right off, then take the battery out. just make sure you put it back on right.

  6. you can twist the cap and it'll come off i think. Or , you can take a ziploc bag cut it in half, put it over the smoke detector, get some tape and tape all the sides creating a seal. that should sucesffuly block the smoke. hope that makes sense
  7. I wouldn't smoke in the same room, but one room over seems to work ok. Just to be same though, you should disarm it. If it is a battery powered one like most are, then you just need to take it off and remove the battery while you smoke and return it afterwards. The danger in this way is that you will most likely forget to return the battery and your house could burn down as a result. The smoke alarm might also be directly wired like mine is and you can't turn it off.
  8. I do it every day...theres one in my living room and I smoke that room up.
    no problems ever, and they do work coz i burnt a pizza recently and it went california pizza kitchen pizza for one :(
  9. i have never seen a smoke detector go off from smoking weed
  10. most detectors only detect a certin type of thick smoke not like weed smoke but it is still possible so just disarm or cover it to stay safe
  11. Yes you can. Like its been said smoke detectors pick up smoke with a much higher concentration than you'd find in exhaled marijuana smoke.

    I've smoked in a room with a smoke detector 95% of the time. Multiple that by daily smokes, multiple times a day, and you're looking at great odds.
  12. well shit what about people who smoke cigarettes? I have been at a few houses with smoke detectors where people smoke in the house often, but I guess they could be disarmed/ no battery.

    only time i set off a smoke detector was with a toaster....

    ....and by smoking a cigarette in a school bathroom aaannnddd walked out and the smoke detector in a classroom right next to it started going off, lmao people were like "whats that?" and i hear a teacher say "its the smoke detector!" i just walk back to class, la di da di da hahaha and nothing ever came of it...

    ...but shit if that cigarette actually did set of the smoke detector than maybe you can't smoke in a room with one?

    I am not sure exactly how this works, I think google is our friend here
  13. One room over for sure. Be grateful you live in a place that's not so ghetto that you don't even have a smoke detector.
  14. If its a hotel room the smoke in the bathroom and turn all the water on and block the door openings with towels and toke away :)

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