Is it ok to put a vegetating plant (12 days old) in a dark room for 12 hr.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by icapture, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. So today my mom and I went to our other property where I am doing my indoor grow. No one is living there now, so I go there daily and look after my plants. So today my mom and I went there to prune a bunch of the palm trees at the house and other bushes so I had to take the plant out of its cabinet and put it in a different, non lite, cabinet.

    Its been there probably now for 7 hours now and will probably be in there for another 2. Is there any problems with putting a vegetating plant (who's light cycle is 24 hours) in a dark room for 12 hours?
  2. You may slightly confuse the plant, as 12 hrs darkness triggers blooming hormones. But for only one time it should be fine.:smoking:
  3. Yeah if you're lucky it'll show sex too if it somehow goes into flowering growth with one 12-hour dark period.

    Either way it'll revert back to vegetive growth when you put it back under 24 hours of light.
  4. awesome to hear. Yea, she is doing so well - I would hate to stop her progress simply because of my stupid mom :hello:

    love ya mom!

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