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Is it ok to dry in cold room?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by Joey Metro, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Small inside harvest started in warm weather but it is below freezing outside.
    Inside humidity, is around 45 percent but temp is about 41 never freezes.
    Grow box hits 73 as a high 63 as a low temperature.
    I have a small space heater I could run.
    It won't be too effective big area small heater.
  2. I don't see why this would be a will probably take a bit longer for your buds to dry but I was going to do the same as garage gets to a low of 45-50 and a high of 55. I've seen one resource say to use your fridge (?) but I'm not trying that.
  3. I think the cold will keep it fresh.
  4. A slow dry makes for better smoke. That might be a little extreme in that but I don't see any problem with it. Just keep an eye out for mold, and make sure you have plenty of air flow. You could remove the buds from the stems and put them on a tray to speed things up a bit if you want to also.
  5. I have a hanging mesh net thing with layers for drying herbs.
    My plant is blue mystic and it has lots of milky white tric's but I am waiting for half amber.
  6. Waiting and waiting for amber. There are a few less than 1 percent.
  7. How long have you been in flower?
  8. Just googled the blue mystic and it seems like you're on the back side of that 7-9 week flower time. I'd chop it sooner than later but you can see her.

    I picked up a USB microscope for $25 on eBay and it blows my 40x loupe away. Mostly because I am looking at it on my 22" monitor...

    You can see the amber in these shots. It's a much better system and I highly recommend getting one if you're serious about this hobby ;-)

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  9. I will order one.
    Just read an article on the cannabis culture website about trichomes it said they need uv b. Light to turn amber.
    I am growing in a grow box with cfls so I can ordered a cfl that gives off uv b. It's used for taking care of turtles.
    It will be here Thursday.
    Let's see if that does it.
  10. Did not know that. Will have to look into that. I'm chopping down my 4 blue velvets this week. Tomorrow actually.
  11. Good luck and congratulations.
    I'll post on here again after trying the new light.
  12. I still have 7 others that I'll chop in the next week too. I'm thinking of setting up a tent in the garage just to dry/cure in. I'll post something tomorrow.
  13. Great thanks.
  14. Garage temp range goes as low as 50*, high of 62*. It took way longer than I thought to cut and trim. Only got to 2 ladies tonight, but recruited a grow buddy to help trim on Thursday. I went with a tent in the garage. Hooked up a 340 CFM to a large can filter cut the girls up and hung em as you can see below. Strain is blue velvet...I think I'll yield an oz at least from each plant. There were 8 good sized colas on one plant and 9 on the other one. I'll be happy with 30-40 grams/plant. Anyways...

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  15. Finally got the other two blue velvets cut and trimmed. Had to close off one of the vents in the tent. The first two were drying out a little too quickly. Used a towel to cut down intake and set up a recirculating timer every 30 minutes for 15 minutes.

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  16. They look great!
  17. I tried new light.
    I have 3 cfls I replaced middle one with a reptile Uvb 150 cfl.
    Over night trichomes are much bigger.
    Not amber yet but really getting nice and cloudy.
  18. So the UVB made a difference? That's great news!
  19. Here's a few shots from the USB microscope of the buds 5 days after cutting them down. We're 4 days exposed air drying and now one day in jars.

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