Is It Ok To Change From 1000 Hps To 400 Hps?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by katie, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. anything need to do with the ballast?
  2. As you would know if ya got the gear they come complete ?????
  3. they are one big black box (heavy) with a lot of wire, and 2 little silver thingy with a lot of wire, and have to do some wiring before it will work, and i think that is what called the ballast.

    and do i need anything change on it before i can switch to 400 light?
  4. lf ya playing with power get an expert that knows what thier doing not some stoner :D
  5. no, you cannot run a 400w light off of a 1000w ballast... your going to need to aquire a 400w system.... (ballast, capacitor, ignitor)

  6. what if i use the 1000 watt ballast to run a 400 watt bulb??

    what will happen?

    i already put a 400 watt bulb in and seems nothing wrong?
  7. the 400w bulb will get too much power and can overheat, crack, or explode..... trust me, i once ran a 70w bulb in a 150w setup (didnt even check the wattage, it looked like the 150 bulbs) and after 4 hours i came out and the bottom of the bulb was missing.... thank god no plants were under it when it exploded...
  8. HIGH All, hey katie don't play with fire you'll get burnt!!!! You come for advice and get it then do the opposite. Trust us your 400w will NOT take the power of the 1000w. If you still have it in there take it out NOW.
  9. thanks for all your advices, i already took it down yesterday

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