Is It Ok To Buy A Ballast On Craigslist

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  1. So is it ok to buy a used ballast on craigslist? Its a 600w lumatek. It doesnt have a recipt or box, so is there any way i can read a lable and tell how old it is from that?

    Is there anything i need to do before i buy it? Look at any lables or anything like that? I just dont want to buy an old, crappy ballast

    Also do you think its possible to cool down a 600w hps in a batwing reflector in a 4x4 tent until i can get an air cooled hood? Ill have alot of house fans, desk fans, and one 6" inline fan
  2. I wouldn't do it. check it out and see if it looks new, if you can test it before buying it. Just get a new one. it comes with piece of mind (so halfway through ur not worrying how much longer it will last) and a warranty. j m $.02
    600 w may be little hot but manageable. just make sure ur expelling the hot air as much as u r bringing in fresh air.
  3. He told me its not too old of a ballast, he said less then a year. Are there no lables that says when it was made on the ballast? I can fire it up before i buy it. But if its much smarter to buy a brand new one then ill save up a little more. Im just trying to save some money

    Heres a pic of the ballast, he also has a 1000w in the picture. It looks in goo condition but if theres no way to truly tell then it isnt worth it to me

  4. just get one off amazon if you can. create a free prime membership and they give you free 2 day shipping for a month.
  5. how much does he want for it?
  6. I can get it for $175 with a cheap reflector, a 6" fan, and a hps bulb
  7. I think i can get a ballast on amazon id just rather buy locally if i could. But if it isnt smart to buy a used ballasf i will order on amazon to save some money
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    same price for a new one. here
    I have the 400w version of this one
  9. Ill look into that stuff. Do you think i should get a cool tube or a air cooled hood reflector? I was told to spend alot of money on the reflector but if a cheap cool tube will light a 4x4 room then i can save a bunch of money.

    AlsoIs there any special size reflector or cool tube i should get?
  10. Does anyone know if i have to use the cool tube? Ill be in a 4x4 box with a 600w hps

    What would i need to use for cfm to cool down the box without a cool tube. Should i have fans pointed directly on the light aswell?

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