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Is it ok to be the funny one?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mlrock, May 6, 2011.

  1. Whenever I blaze with some friends, they always find me hilarious because I act really goofy when I'm high. Keep in mind that even when my friends and I don't smoke, I'm usually the goofy. Weed emphasizes my goofiness. What do you think of the funny one in the group when you smoke?
  2. it sounds like youre a little self consious. people do that to me they will just start laughing and just be like "metalp" but say it in that voice like haha what but its fine because its not like im trying to be that way
  3. We usually just all contribute , either by having really good conversations or doing stupid things . I have a tendency to be the physically goofy one though If I'm particularly stoned . Tried to move a chair once and ended up trapped under it , we all laughed for a good few minutes.
  4. No, it aint ok, no one likes funny people.
  5. Lol i dont know if your friends like it but girls like the guy that can be goofy and be himself.
    im the same way and i can give a fuck if they think im "stupid" most the girls i know think that kinda shit is funny, and so do i but thats my type of humor. That and sarcasm.
  6. hell yeah its dope to be the funny one man im usually the one crackin jokes and shit not bein physically funny but still bein funny. most people like the FUNny person cause they are FUN to be around lol
  7. I tend to try and block most of the stupid shit that pops into my head when I'm stoned before it can leave my mouth, but every so often I'll say something retarded and laugh it off. That's all you can do, laugh it off, I can laugh at myself so I have no problem with it. As long as they aren't being really mean about it I don't see a problem with being the funny one of the group.
  8. yeah its fine. but not all of the time. and not to the point where youre annoying
  9. Clearly its good. Usually I'm the life of any smoke sesh if I'm not retarded high and I love making people laugh. Turns out people like to laugh too, but my group of closest friends who I ski with every day of the winter and otherwise love kill me. Whenever were stoned their main goal is to act sober and if you seem the slightest bit high,act any different, or have low eyes, its like the worst thing in the world. I fucking hate it, but with everyone else I smoke with, I have a great, chill time
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    Same my friends have much higher tolerance
  11. Usually all my friends laugh at the shit I do sober, so when we are high, oh boy...sometimes I say something thats completely logical and they will start dying laughing and be like "dude what the fuck are you talking about?!" Thats when I start getting pissed and just go to sleep...haha

  12. Every group needs a funny friend and a fat friend. Sometimes it's the same person.
  13. That is perfectly fine to be whatever you want to be.

    Be who you are and don't let anyone tell you different.
  14. I knew a funny guy back in Vietnam, it wasn't too funny what happened to him
  15. Dude being the goofy guy is great! I once ate it on the kitchen floor as if I had slipped on a banana peel and me and my friends were cracking our balls! Doing funny shit while high is great cause it doesn't hurt either haha.
  16. if you can make people laugh just being your goofy self, not even trying to be, but just being that guy cause its how you will be loved.

    This, is truth.
  17. get some funnier friends because, not to shit on your parade, but they might start to take you as a joke.
  18. no pun intended.
  19. oh and yeah, if you truly love making people laugh and making people smile then hey, more to ya. i'm just saying be careful you feel me? i am the same way you are. the more laughs you get out of people the better off you are.

    toke on mother fuccckker
  20. If you are gentle-goofy and not nasty-goofy, girls like it. Sort of like a friend of mine who is 20 this year, I joke that he reminds me of nothing so much as that great dane puppy that hasn't grown into his feet yet so he lolls around happy and tripping over everything while trying to crawl into your lap. You know the type of sappy puppy =)

    He is a blast to party around. Just the right amount of goofy, has good selection of music, a really nice guy.

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