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Is it odd that my tolerance never increased?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iPower Plant, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I've been smoking for about 5 years and all of those 5 years I've been able to get stoned off of a .5 max . The past 2 years i don't think I've went one single day without smoking literally. I use my bong about 4 seshs a day, maybe one-two blunts. But it evens out to I'm only smoking a .4-.5 each sesh and my tolerance NEVER rises.

    Just seems weird to me that I've been able to get stoned off the very same amount for years and i see threads and posts about tolerances being through the roof.

    P.S- I only get dank ass weed high grade and headies+
    Don't remember the last time I've even seen mids
  2. not that uncommon. usually has a lot to do with your body fat/mass and among other things.

    i cant still get stoned pretty quick, doesn't take me very long. but my heavier friends need much more to get on the same level.
  3. I'm the same way although the more I smoke the more I am able to smoke without greening out. I used to smoke everyday all day too. Right now I only smoke on occasion though cause money problems. That'll change soon.
  4. For me it seems that when my tolerance goes up I can still get stoned off of small amounts of weed, it simply doesn't last as long
  5. Tolerence in mostly influenced by amount smoked and how many times a day, how much fat you have, and your metabolism. If you smoke a lot, are overweight, and don't work out much you're tolerence will build quickly. If you're skinny/fit, smoke only a bit (4-5 times a week), and stay in shape you probably won't notice tolerence for a long while.
  6. I have been smoking regularly for about 6 months and my tolerance has not increased at all. I am a MMJ patient so I only get top shelf bud from the dispensary, but I still expected some kind of tolerance by now. If I smoke two fat bowls I am at a solid [8]

    I am underweight and I have slow metabolism so that is probably part of it.
  7. That's the weird thing I'm overweight AND don't exercise but once a week.

    Like some of you said it probably depends on quite a few factors
  8. I can use the same amount it just doesn't last as long the more my tolerance goes up

  9. You're not getting the munchies?

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