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Is it normal?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mattmc804, May 3, 2011.

  1. HI, last night i go very very very high. infact its been about 12 hours still alittle dizzy. But yeah, is it normal to feel a burning sensation on your skin when you are high?

    please help
  2. Nope, thats just the herpes.
  3. Yeah that doesnt sound good like in your throat
    or like on your skin?!?
  4. No, you have a infectious disease, go jump in a tar pit right now, that's your only option. But seriously, bud doesn't do that so your just weird
  5. weed doesn't do that.. i think your room temperature was just hot.
  6. am i dying
  7. You think that's bad? At least your ears don't swell twice their normal size when you smoke. You have nothing to complain about.
  8. Could be some of the chemicals used in the growing process...I grow my own nug & shwag (most of the time)..but if I purchase(a rarity) good nug I tend to get very itchy. Since I don't use anything that is not organic in my own growing process its the only thing I can think of that causes a problem for me.
  9. you got too high and got bukkake'd
  10. so im not diein
  11. Nope just trollin'.
  12. yes.....
  13. where do people get these ideas from every other thread is someone saying weed has either made their organs bleed internally or some other bull most likely its all in your head and if you ignore it, it will go away or just dont smoke weed if you cant handle it

  14. We all are my friend.

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