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  1. nostalgic for a time you've never lived?
  2. Is this gonna be a thread about how living in the 60's would've been awesome? I'm in.
  3. fuck yeah man, im a metalhead so Ive always wished I grew up in the 80s but I'd love the hippy life too so 60s woulda been amazing
  4. I'm good in the here and now
  5. No it's not normal because you're most likely just romanticizing it in your head and just making it out to be better than it was.
  6. yes, and this is completely normal.
  7. We all romanticize things in our head, it's a common occurence.

    That being said, I think the nostalgic feeling is partially driven by evolution.

    Evolutionarily speaking, we are not meant to be living the way we do now. We yearn for a time where things seem more simple, because we are not built for the lifestyle we lead.

    All the needless stress brought by the consumer culture, materialism, and the idea of money cause people to yearn for a simpler time.

    Where one could simply relax for a minute or two, and not have to worry about scraping out a living to pay off the constant debts we burden ourselves with.

    While I think it would be cool to have lived in the 60's, dont underestimate the time we live in.

    As bad as things seem sometimes, we are living in an unprecedented era of technological expansion and discovery that will propel humanity to far greater heights than we have ever dreamed of.

    We are discovering and unraveling the higher mysteries of the universe for the first time in history.

    It is a truly exciting time to be alive right now, you just need to cast aside the wool pop culture tries to throw over your eyes.

    That is, of course, if we dont destroy ourselves first.
  8. i think it wouldve been cool to be an early pioneer and build a big ass fort and cabin on a cliff in the woods somewhere and go hunting every day with a crossbow or whatever, have pet grizzly bears patrolling outside in one of the seperate fenced areas of my fort. big ass gates, point logs so fuckers cant hop my fence. decks, balconies, treeforts

    it would be badass
  9. hardly. there's only a few time periods i would want to live. this one and a few generations previous too much before that and there would be no more internet. i love the internet. i wouldn't want to live any earlier than the 1900's and not even the early 1900's. i wouldn't want to live in an era where there is no medicine, no tv,no internet and an abundance of religion. now is good. we have technology that makes the impossible possible.
  10. ^I gotta agree here. While I do romanticize alot of time periods in my mind, there is no way I would be willing to give up the Internet, HD television, and my PS3 to live in any of them.
  11. [ame=]Penn & Teller: Bullshit! - Good Ol' Days - YouTube[/ame]

    Pretty cynical and all, but yeah things are romanticized. Still I see nothing wrong with it really as long as you knew that the way things are depicted in movies/TV shows that are meant to be nostalgic (wonder years, that 70s show, etc) are meant to be romanticized, and that there were still many (possibly more intense) hardships back then
  12. Agreed. People just need to think about the modern conveniences they would have to give up to live in another time.

    There's no chance in hell I would give up my ability to play Borderlands 2 for the right to carry a six shooter into anyplace I went to.
  13. Same. I would want to grow up in the fuckin 80's. Go live in the Bay Area and chill with Exodus and Metallica when they were still cool, haha.
  14. Everyone talking about eras they never lived in majority of ppl go straight to hippie era.
    But what about that random old guy that actually lived through it as a adult and thinks hey i wanted to live in the late 1800's lol
  15. For me it's the 50s. But that could just be my mind thinking that was a better time
  16. For me its gotta be the 80's.... not to say that I wasn't alive, but it sure would have been nice to be like 20 or so back then. The music... the cars... and most importantly the woman :) I love the 80's.
  17. You should play minecraft hahahaha

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