is it normal for Dank weed to make you zone out and body numb off one/two hits?

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  1. So for a bout 2 years I was smoking everyday. Both mids and high grade but recently I have cut waaay back for the last month or so. Now when I smoke, and ive been getting dank "Gods Gift" is what my dude said its called, I get BLOWN only off a nice hit or two. Like my body including my teeth/face get really numb and after a lil while I jus wanna pass tf out. I dont recall this feeling before but I smoked everyday so maybe I just didnt notice? And like Im pretty sure my shit isnt laced with heroin but when im high like that all zoned out nshit its the only thought racing through my head " damn why am I so zoned out " like I get really zoned where I could watch paid programming and not change the channel. So basically is this normal for dank to get you that blown without smoking a whole lot or is my weed sprayed with something? (I read heroin makes your body numb, zoned, then you pass out) thats why im so iffy and parinoid about this. Any info would be great, thanks!
  2. ...and here we are again..with some new account created to slur mj/mmj with bullshit scary stories...
  3. Dude this isnt a scary story get the fuck outta here I jus wanna know if anyone else gets zoned the fuck out and body numb like that, if its normal or if I should stay away from that weed. Damn. Like I said I cut back and kinda forgot whats it like to be high. Im not trying to slur mj at alllll im tryn to find reassurance so I can continue blazing like I used to.
  4. Well I take it that its not normal since you said I wrote a scary story.
  5. Assuming this isnt another retarded anti-pot post...
    Think about it. Why would a drug dealer lace your weed with a drug he could have sold? He might as well flush money down the toilet.
  6. Damnit I shouldnt of even mention the whole lace thing. My concern is that does really good tree make you so numb and zoned out????????
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    All buds are different and all smokers are different, so every smoking experience is going to be different. Some bud is grown specifically to give you an intense body high, some is grown to give you a good head high. You got good bud and your tolerance went down. Pretty simple.

    Pretty sure this is in the wrong section though.
  8. I appreciate the civilized answer and you actually trying to help me. That makes me feel a lot better and now ill be able to smoke peacefully without worrying. thanks a lot dude!
  9. No problem man. Smoke on, it's good for you.

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