Is it normal for couples not to have sex everyday?

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  1. My girlfriend and I have been together almost a year and a half now. We used to have sex 3-4 times a day, but we've calmed down a lot. Sometimes I can't help but feel in the back of my mind that it is not. But the fact is somedays I am just not in that state of mind. A lot of times we have sex 4-5 times a week, but sometimes we go 2, 3 days without, and sometimes I can't help but think that we should be having sex everyday. Am I weird for thinking this or am I and my girlfriend weird for not having sex everyday?
  2. Who the fuck cares if it's wierd or not, just do your own thing and fuck everybody else. It's not like you have some panel of judges ringside every day you guys dont fuck.

    I think the real quesiton your trying to ask is "Is it wierd for me to want to fuck everyday?" And the answer is no...Infact, to tell you the truth in about a minute, i think about fucking atleast 3 times. ATLEAST.
  3. this normally creeps up around the 2 year mark in any relationship, sex starts to become redundant and boring, same ole thing, different day, so throw some adventure into it. rather than wait to get home in bed, learn to follow your instinctive urge and tap it randomly, women really love this, and it keeps things a bit fresher. or if she is opening minded, go out and let her pick up a girl to take home. thats always fun.
  4. That's pretty normal, I'd say. The infatuation-lust aspect of it usually dies out after a couple years, and usually just sparks up every now and then. Me and my gf used to get down everyday, too, but after almost 4 years, it's down to maybe twice a week. I prefer it this way, honestly.
  5. Man that's harsh, let her know she is losing you. I had the same problem, me and my ex used to have sex multiple times a day, which is the way I like it, then it got to like once a day and she kept not being in the mood so I checked her on it.

    It's all about the way you do it, honestly if you have the right frame and mean what you say, bitches will listen and do everything you say. Just stop giving a fuck, it's just 1 person on the planet out of 6 billion, seriously, that's what it is.

    I'd say new relationship time, I learned from my last LTR, the first 3 months or so in a relationship, are usually the best, so from now on I'm all for short-term and non-commitment, but ya that is usually something that will never fix itself.

    It will only go down and down more until she is fucking other guys, which does happen. Every girl cheats, fuck what they say, out of the thousands of people I've met and talked to, they have had a girl cheat on them, (majority rules).

    No matter how in love she is with you, you never know, shit I haven't been cheated on but, I've seen it happen with the most unexpected cases... Like people who are getting married, engaged, pregnant, it really is all about the woman's hormones and emotions, she cannot control them, and a guy with a good swagger and some game could possibly dick her one day, so always keep that in mind.

    It's a bad feeling but, I found the way to be your best in a relationship, and make your girl fall in love with you more than anything, is to seriously, NOT GIVE A FUCK.

    Yes it sounds crazy, but try it. Go out, and stop giving a fuck, people will definetely see you different, and for alot of girls that means, you are gonna be their meat for the night!

    Got really offtopic but I am really high and I have just learned so many new things in the past few weeks I had to spill some out. :smoke:

  6. Dude, I can just tell you I have sex less than weekly. Neither of us mind.

    Sex isn't the pivot of our relationship. I think we could be together the rest of our life and not have sex... who knows?

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  8. For starters, don't listen to anything RushTheG just said... :rolleyes::D

    And yes, it's totally, perfectly normal.
    Relax and let it happen when it happens. If you're enjoying each others company, who cares whether you're having sex or playing checkers? :p
    Pressuring yourselves to do it more because you're worried if it's normal will only make it more stressful and less fun. ;)
  9. Jealous :cool:
  10. Seems to me junkiedays is a woman... if you're forgetting, women control the sexual schedule. Thus, I doubt she is jealous of a toolbox.
  11. :laughing:

    Truth. We hold the power of the sex. ;):p

    Plus, I think being a certified vagina owner gives me a little bit of insight into the gender...
    Like that most guys who think they have "game" come off as arrogant and annoying. :poke:
  12. Personally I think sex is better when you don't have it all the time.
  13. the only thing id agree with "rushtheG" on, is that there are lots of people in the world. If things dont work out between yourself and your current lady, id be comfortable betting a lot of money youll find someone else. i dont think thats what your concern is, though. Is the relationship good? Are you happy? Do you want to be there? Is she happy and does she wanna be there?

    If you answered yes to those questions, it doesnt matter if you have sex once a month, bro. If any half of the relationship was unsatisfied, youd answer "no" to at least one of those questions. So, in my opinion, id go about it this way: as soon as either yourself or your gf is lacking satisfication, talk about what needs to change. worry, then. until then, keep enjoying sex on your natural roatation, just remember to always keep it fun and enjoyable for both parties.

    remember that there is no "right way." everyone is different. dont sweat the small stuff, bud :)
  14. Unless its becoming a problem for either of you, then dont worry.

    I only see my girlfriend of a year and a half 2 - 3 times a week. Granted, we generally have sex when we see each other, but its not the reason we see each other.

    If we didnt have sex all the time i wouldn't be too fussed, and neither should you be, man.
  15. It is perfectly normal.

    But when weeks and months go by, you two should talk.
  16. I don't have sex everyday... If I could I would but cos I don't live with my fiance I can't... It's not abnormal..

  17. only because women like to be treated like shit, i don't know how many women you've tried to pick up, but the asshole role works far more often than the "mr nice guy" role, unfortunately a majority of women prefer the abuse and neglect.
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    The asshole gets women because he is confident and outgoing, essentially he's confident he's an asshole thats going to score some vag. He wants some sex, he'll get some sex.

    The nice guy, meanwhile, is worried that he'll say something or do something that will make the girl look at him weird. He's trying his best to get the girl to like him so he can have sex with her in a comfortable way that doesnt play with his image of men as cavemen looking for poon and woman bent over the rock-bed just taking it. The nice guy wants it to be about him and her so he wants it to be mutual.

    The difference here is that the asshole makes his intentions clear while the nice guy comes off as some friend. A woman is more likely to sleep with a guy who comes out and says he'll fuck a girl rather than some guy that wants to be her friend and then fuck her.

    Ultimately, guys only do things (anything and everything) to dip their big toe into the gene pool. It's programmed in our genes to want to procreate. Smart guys want to be smarter so they can smart up a woman and have smart offspring. Athletic dudes want to lift more so they can lift a girl up over her head and have stronger kids.

    Now I'm all for personal goals but people only do things to make themselves better effectively increasing their self image which then gets broadcast to the rest of the human race. Men and women react accordingly.

  19. Maybe you should try to find another way to connect if that way isn't working as much anymore. Sex lives for every couple are different, but no matter what it is that's causing you to have less sex you have to communicate about it. It might be because your girl is stressed out or tired, you never know. Have you gone out on a date recently? Do something special for her so she knows how much you care about her, maybe that'll kickstart the 3-4 times a day that you miss! ;)
  20. Great responses guys, thanks.

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