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Recipe Is it necessary to cure if your going to bake?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by wwonka, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. If your going to use the flower to bake is a cure really necessary?

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  2. I'm no expert and I could be wrong but I believe the cure is more for smoothness of the plant matter when smoking it.
    I made some canna caps with bubble hash made from fresh trim - no cure - and it was very potent.
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  3. No, it doesn't have to be cured, but it does need to be dry for a proper decarb. The decarb- 240F for 40 minutes- is necessary.
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  4. Thanks for the replies!
    I'll still decarb it.

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  5. You're welcome.
    I forgot the most important part- have fun and enjoy!
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  6. Cure is just allowing enzyms to break down chlorophyll and for the slow dry to be like a slow or partial decarb some of the rest will happen as you heat it with a joint or in a bong ect

    You can decarb at lower temps for longer to preserve some terpenes.

    Decarb is the drying and heat which and makes the bud psycho active which happens with dryness and heat.

    You can decarb fresh bud no problem and it's best to leave it in buds rather than to grind it supposedly.

    And if ta making edibles don't forget the lectithin

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  7. Yes...but.
    Don't forget the lecithin unless you are one who uses any sort of water involved extraction.

    Water and oil won't mix, but water, oil and lecithin mix very well, so only add lecithin after extraction and complete separation of your infused oil from any water that may be involved.
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  8. Lectithin also open up your blood brain barrier acts as a carrier to you canaboid receptors to kinda allows you to absorb more.

    If you take lectithin suppliment before smoking you'll feel an elevated high. To normal

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