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  1. Is it necessary to boil the glass and tube in water? Or rinse everything with alchohol?

    What happens if I don't do that?

    Also at about how much are you guys turning the knob at.

    I put it on max for 3 minutes then put it a little over halfway and insert the bud. Is that the way to do it?

    Also i only fill the wand about an 1/8th to a 1/4 is that too much or too little because i have heard mixed things.

    Would really appreciate some pointers.

    Thanks guys. I already love this thing :smoking: but i want to make it as efficient as possible.
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    Yes, clean all of the glass parts with alcohol before you use them.
    What is better though, once you have warmed it up for 20 minutes to burn off the manufacturing oils, turn it off and let it cool down then remove the glass heater cover and clean with alcohol then rinse and dry.
    For the hose tubing you can just rinse it out a bunch of times.

    Here's my basic procedure:
    Turn on DBV with the dial at 12-1. In 3-4 minutes it's ready to attach the whip and vaporize.
    While you wait prepare the 'bowl'- grind/cut up your herb very fine. Load up only enough to cover the screen or about 1/8 of the total space.

    When it's warmed up(3-4mins after turning it on), simply attach the whip and secure it pushing in lightly and twisting it just a bit.

    While you take a hit, pull at a slow and consistent pace, BE SURE not to pull too slowly or you'll risk burning the herb.
    It's best to aim for small, light vapor hits that you can hold in until nothing is exhaled.
    Unlike smoke, holding vapor in your lungs longer will get you higher, since it takes longer for your body to absorb the vapor. And since there is no bad smoke or tar, holding it in won't hurt you.

    Good luck. After a week or so you should master the science of vaporizing.
  3. Thanks guys appreciate it.

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