Is it more beneficial to grow Autos in 12/12 or 18/6.

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  1. Well I've never grown autos to be precise but I feel it could be useful to provide and share your knowledge on the pros and cons of growing autos in 12/12 lighting or 18/6 given autos don't need to be flipped into flowering since they do it automatically. Share your experiences on which method worked best for you or any methods on maybe switching light schedule throughout the growth.
  2. I'll be honest I've never grown at all but definitely with autos at least 18/6 is what you wanna rock. 12/12 100% won't have any advantage. I think the real debate is more along the lines of whether to give them 24/7 light or to keep em 18/6 or 20/4 or anything along the lines of that. Logically speaking 18/6 is probably good enough and you can save a bit of electricity and give the lights a few hours to cool off so I'd probably go with that. But 12/12 will definitely just give less yield if anything and considering even for photoperiods that's veg time I'd not recommend, maybe just for the first 2 or 3 weeks tops.

    Also I imagine autos sort of have a veg time for a lil bit anyway so 12/12 to start is probably ok but def in the mid to late stage give em a good bit of light
  3. Yea that totally makes sense. I would also assume that you have to give them some time off into darkness to produce trichomes as well.
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  4. 12/12 for an auto would most likely be a debilitated grow. 18/6, 20/4 etc is best.
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  5. Does the spectrum color matter?
  6. Neither: a recent report by Granny tells us that we gotta go 8 hours sleep, to get the full befit from our plant
    I'm still trying to adjust
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  7. 18/6 is best when I grew them, I have also grew them on 12/12 with other plants that weren't auto's, and I still got nice big buds. Learn as you go, good luck
  8. I run my autos 18/6, for the longest time I did 20/4 but cut down to 18/6 due to heat and didn’t notice a difference.
    I personally wouldn’t go below 18/6.
    You just need to remember, The thing with autos is they run at their own schedule so you need to get as much as possible out of them while you can.
  9. Vee using scientific studies to provide the best theoretical answer -

    Winner winner, chicken dinner! Nice job Vee!
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  10. very much so ...indicated in kelvin like the temp. rating, 5600k = cool white and 2700k+ for warm white,
    cool white stims the hormones to make a squat short plant, as the red will stretch some but cure the trics

    good luck

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