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  1. First off, sorry the pics are so blurry...I didn't wanna post pics because this digicam is a shitty as it gets, but I figured if i didn't, no one would reply.

    Anyways, I'm attempting to grow some Snow White. Right now, I have three seedlings growing under CFLs. So far, the two under cool white 30w(135w equivalent) flouros from Lights of America are doing just fine. However, the one under the 42w(150w eqivalent) doesn't seem to be growing at all...

    Here's the 42w bulb. It's from GE. It's supposed to be soft white.


    Has anyone tried this flouro? Is it not suited for growing? Is my plant a runt? :(

    Thanks to everyone who replies.

    Oh yeah, here are a few blurry pics of my plants.

    Pics 1 & 2: Fell over yester because I was too rough with the watering. -_-u

    Pic 3 & 4: The one not growing

    Pic 5: Doing just fine.





  2. I can't see shit in that pic of the light bulb.

    CFLs are fine for growing. Cool or Daylight for veg and warm w/ daylight for flower. have fun.
  3. Yeah.
    Can you take a picture of the light with it turned off? I would like to see what kind of bulb we are talking about here.
  4. I went out yesterday afternoon and purchased a third Lights of America 30w bulb to replace the aforementioned 42 watter. It's been about 24 hours since I changed bulbs and still the plant has shown very little growth. It's just now developing it's second set of fan leaves and it's first pair have hardly grown larger. Meanwhile the other two are starting to develop their third sets of fan leaves and are visibly growing every time I check my GR.

    Pic 1: GE bulb's packaging.
    Pic 2 & 3: The strongest of the it true males grow faster than females? :confused:

    Pic 4: The runt.





    Well, I'm gonna give it a few more days but I think it's a runt. :( Hopefully it'll turn out to be a female, or else it's getting the axe in a couple weeks.
  5. Hey man.
    I see the plant. I don't need any more pics of it. What I am not convinced of is what type of bulb you are using. In your first pics the bulb looks to me to be some kind of flood light. I can't really be sure about the bulbs packaging either in your second set of pictures. Are you sure its a CFL? If so it should have a squiggly bulb instead of the traditional round incandescent.
  6. I'm positive it's a CFL. And for the record, unlike the Lights of America CFLs which are cool white and shine brightly with a bluish hue, this bulb turns orange when illuminated.

  7. Thank you very much
    I am now convinced too.
    Put it to about three inches from the tops of your plants and they should grow them.
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  8. The reason it shines orange is because it is soft white, CFLs come in cool, soft and warm. Soft is a mixture between the two and does not give the right light you need for veg, if you can replace that CFL with ones that say cool white you should be good.
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  9. So will it work for flowering?
  10. not really.

    Ideally, you want to get something that is full-spectrum 6500K Daylight for growing. If you can't grab that, then get cool white for vegging. Warm light for flowering. Soft white is kinda useless.
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  11. It's a runt...or worst yet, I think it stopped growing altogether. It's normal for this to occur from time to time, right? Some plants just aren't strong enough to survive, I guess. Oh well, I was prepared for this and have already begun to germ another seed to replace it, so it's no biggie.

    Okay, so I have a few more questions before I let this thread die:

    1) Can warm CFLs be purchased from Home Depot? If so, what brand/packaging am I looking for?

    2) Someone already answered this, but I just wanna confirm the answer I received because grow space is limited. Will 10" terra cotta pots be large enough to grow a plant from start to finish if I veg for 4-5 weeks? If not, is it absolutely necessary to transplant them to 3-gal pots?

    3) Is it true that male cannabis plants grow faster than females?

    4) Does anyone have experience growing Snow White? If so, lemme know.

    Alright, thanks everybody. +rep for everyone who responsed thus far.
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  12. What would you estimate is the volume of that 10" pot you've got? I have some 10"-ers that are in the neighborhood of 2.5 gal or so. If that pot is small it is not "absolutely necessary" to transplant, but the plant above the soil can only be as big and robust as the plant below the soil can support, so it would be more a matter of increased benefit than good/bad.

    In the flower stage the males usually show sex and reach sexual maturity a little earlier than the females. For some strains that translates to the flower growth spurt happening earlier. I think any notion that males grow faster during veg is just a myth.
  13. I agree.
  14. Did you read what I wrote? Get some Daylights. Some FLUOREX Daylights are even better.

    To answer your question though, yes, you can get warm bulbs at HD. As for packaging, any that say "WARM" on them.

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