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is it me??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cs_shoota, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. is it me or am i the only one who wants to post on a thread that he saw a while back.. but cant remember where it was, what the name of it was!?! damnit, and i dont feel like starting a new thread... :mad:
  2. good luck with searching some key words on what it was about.
  3. damnit, and i dont feel like starting a new thread...

    hehe i think you just did :D
  4. yep yep yep. it happens alot. usually becuase i plan out biiig huge long replies but then think,... naaaah, i cant be fucked right now. then loose it.

    and higha. you stole my line. :p
  5. and higha. you stole my line.

    ooooh im getting good

  6. OR your on more medication than me?
  7. o ya, i just didnt want to start a thread about that... but i found it, just had to look in where i posted b4, then find it, like wheres waldo!!! anyone ever play that game, its been since like elementary...::pulls out a big rectangular book::..

  8. quite probably. but idk.. how much medication are you on?
    i gotta munch 3 pills per day, not including painkillers and top ups when they dont work like they should. i should really be on loadsa other supliments too... but i think love is keeping me together for now.
  9. i think your right about your's a much nicer boy :)
    i take...
    synthroid once a day
    muscle relaxers 3 to 4 times a day....and pain medication if i need them. i dont take those tho, they make me sick, irritated,mean and nasty.

  10. you mean more than usual?????? :D
  11. ooooh yea........BOY! :D
  12. It took me forever to figure out what this thread was about...which I really don't think I truly accomplished and then to understand what meds had to do with it.

    Meds suck. Unless they don't suck...then they're fun!
  13. I guess you can tell I'm in a good mood. Its Friday, Payday, SmokeDay, the sun has been shining for two days, no rain today or the next twodays, I got to get fuel today, and cut and smoke grass all day tomorrow. What a day!
  14. I'm glad you're happy, Poppa!!! You deserve to have good days!!! :D
  15. it was i queen topic changer, but then i wasnt sure on the real topic myself.......
    meds suck if you have to take them. meds suck more if you take them when you dont have to..............

  16. LOL, i know!!!
  17. lol , no thats me too.. u aint the only one babe
  18. im confused in my own thread!?!
  19. I'm all kinds of just about every thread for the past 15- 20 minutes...I have been nothing other than utterly confused.

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