is it me or have we been ignoring the fact that obama hasnt '[change]d' shit....

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  1. I mean seriously, lets be honest.

    I feel like the economy has just gotten worse in the past two years (not that it was terrible during Bush's term).

    Middle class is depleting quickly, i mean its pretty much low class/working class/ high class.

    One of the major reasons the roman republic fell centuries ago.

    Talking economy.

  2. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results, so yea, we're all on crazy pills...
  3. No its not just you....thats why this election will be a referendum on Obamas inabilities. The youth votes not coming out because they feel lied to and used since he hasn't lived up to his promises and his hype.

    Couple that with his arrogance to see or believe his failed, then you looking at a one term president that will go down in the history books with other failed presidencies like Carter for example.
  4. No way they will never get me to take the crazy pills. They have tracking devices hidden inside them! Now excuse me while I go count and recount my tooth picks for the rest of the day :bolt:.


    But seriously, yeah Obama hasn't really done anything noteworthy during his term so far but we should all have expected that, I mean when hasn't a politician promised the moon to get elected?
  5. how much "change" did you really expect? politicians lie, its a fact, they lie to get elected and then once they're elected they don't do what they were promised. why did you think obama would be any different?
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    He's brought upon change, just not to everybody's liking.

    For his first two years, he's only been working with corporations and not exactly any group in the class system. Supposedly, he's just now trying to work with small businesses and middle class civilians.

    So until 2012 rolls around he still gets a very pungent 'meh' in my book.
  7. yeaah..i thought the same thing..i was watching him on tv before he was president and actually thought there was hope for america..but turns we're still fucked lmao well just gotta keep smoking weed
  8. What change was that?
  9. My family owns a small business. nothing has changed since hes gotten elected. Nothing is easier, we are still being VERY frugal and cutting it close with money struggling to get ahead. What happens when tax cuts expire and that health care nonsense starts? Just gonna get worse...

  10. Change for the worse.:mad:
  11. He did give us change. He gave us a bad costly healthcare bill. He withdrew from Iraq. But leaving behind 50,000 men. Don't forget about the biggest tax increase in history. Those stimuluses, Which Failed. A failed surge in Afghanistan. To everybody who voted for change, you got it!
  12. We are still in the "hope" phase :rolleyes: You gotta give him some time. You guys are just being mean cause he is black!!! He can not fix 8 years worth of bad policies overnight. Give him more time so he can put an end to capitalism. Im kidding of course

  13. I had a big message planned up until I saw when you said I'm kidding! :p
  14. What exactly did he "win" the Nobel Peace Prize for??

    Much more deserving people passed over:(
  15. He won the Piece ;) Prize because he is the first black American President... Any disputes?
  16. Come on now! You should know me better than that by now man :D
  17. Nope, thats the only reason i can see.
  18. I haven't gotten through the thread but I'm pretty sure you'll find people on both sides of the argument.

    On the right:
    "O Bam Uh hasn't dun sheeyit."

    "O Bam Uh has destroyed 'R Cont Tree."

    "Obama policy has destroyed the economy."

    "Obama is running up the deficit."

    On the left:
    "Obama hasn't done anything."

    "Obama has ::insert small legislation that never hit the news::"

    It's basically the same thing. He has done a lot more than anything gives him credit for - I'm just not going to say if it's good or bad.

    If you're interested
  19. Quote:
    \t\t\t\t\tOriginally Posted by JamesUNT [​IMG]
    He won the Piece [​IMG] Prize because he is the first black American President... Any disputes?

    Nope, thats the only reason i can see.

    Ditto here.

    Change number one.

    Change number two.

    Change number three. ( slight)

    The bigger changes that would do the most damage to those that were not standing to profit, won't come until he gets re-elected. ( Hopefully he doesn't im just assuming thats his plan)

    ^^ To explain this ..... Dunning

    That's pretty much the explanation to every problematic issue people encounter.
  20. obama makes me lol so much dude, his supporters especially

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