Is it me or has GC threads gotten pretty wack lately??

Discussion in 'General' started by SplitGenetics, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I mean, all i see mostly is such wack fake stories, and lame wack questions most of the time, "kids new to smoking who shouldn't be smoking"
    What I'm trying to say I guess is I used to see a lot off funny/interesting posts all the time. Now we get a lot of kids telling stupid stories. We need to start getting better, more interesting posts. Who agrees?
  2. Idk this one's pretty good.
  3. Yeah well, this thread isn't helping. Originality starts with you.
  4. I love all these wack threads gives me a good stoned chuckle :)
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    lol there are a lot of good ones, I'm just saying lately ive seen a lot of wack stuff. I'm not hating or anything at all
  6. Waaaaaaaccckkk
  7. Chuckle Chuckle.

  8. Shit's wacccckk bruh!
  9. That's because it's the summer. Just wait until early to mid September, I think you'll see a difference.

  10. This, every forum suffers from summer asses.
    Now with that being said GC is just fine.
  11. This is probably because you haven't smoked in a while...

  12. This. All the underage kids come out to play during the summer.
  13. No matter what we do there will always be those stupid threads.
  14. Forum- fo·rum/ˈfôrəm
    1. A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
    2. An Internet message board.
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    Yeah, that is quite true
  16. Just imagine how fucked up the Justin Bieber and Katy Perry forums are.

  17. I deserve my own forum more than them. :cool:
  18. threads pretty good so far

    when was the last time you guys smoked?

    i had pancakes for breakfast and about 4 mins ago i smoked weed and got high bruh
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    lmao niice. im about to get to puffing again, its been about 1.5 hrs. Time to medicate! ;)
  20. Get out of Apprentice Tokers and General. You'll see a difference.

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