Is it legal to trade clones for bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Bluetuna, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. I live in Mass. Just became legal. I read the law. It states that you can possess marijuana and that you can legally give it away to people over 21. However, it specifically states that you can not sell it or trade it for material possessions. The donation thing is also illegal. Only a dispensary can sell it and they will not be opening for businesses for some time.

    Do you think it would be legal to trade my clones for buds? I'd essentially be trading marijuana for marijuana.

    I used to get my bud from a college kid but he went away all summer. My stash is completely gone at the moment. I have another friend that has been supplying me with clones but doesn't have enough bud to supply me. I have my plants but the buds won't be ready for smoking for months.....
  2. I'm no lawyer, and I don't live in Mass, but it seems pretty clear. If you can't trade for material possessions, you can't trade for clones, as you would materially possess them. No dice.
  3. Thanks for the input EbAndFlow. My instinct tells me it's kind of a grey area. You are allowed to gift marijuana and I believe you are also allowed to gift clones too. However, it does say something about not being able to trade marijuana.

    Do you think I could call the gov't to find out? What branch of the state do you think regulates these laws?
  4. I wouldn't know who regulates in your state. But I bet the answer is, if you gift clones and get gifted finished MJ, you just traded, unless you do it in two completely separate encounters. I could be wrong. But, then, do you even have someone who wants to do this trade? And do they care about illegality? Do you?
  5. No I don't have anyone. When I was in my 20s, I would have had 20 people to call. Now that I'm 30, it seems like no one smokes anymore.

    No I don't care. My thought was that I'd mention it in passing to new people I meet. If they end up being uptight establishment types, I have nothing to worry about. Perhaps I'm overthinking things.
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  6. Ever played the trust game?

    You can give you clones away to someone one day and the next day if they happen to give you bud its still a gift.
    just don't trade

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