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Is It Laced? :|

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by enrollstoney, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. I wanted to ask if it is common for dealers to sell adulterated/laced charas (hashish) in Northern India?

    I had recently scored 7 grams from a friend of mine and the hash burned pretty normal and effects were pretty normal too, but its smell is a bit different (bit fruity).

    I asked this guy multiple times if it is 'chemi' hash or not, and he has assured me that it is pure hash without anything else added to it.
    \nSo I was just curious that, how common is it for dealers to sell laced hash?

    Thanks  :)
    Happy toking
  2. Its not normal for any dealer in any place to lace a stash.  It costs them money to do that
    And I've actually come across really fruity smelling hash before, its not unheard of
  3. dude smoking in a strange country is really sketchy.. I wouldn't do it but I'm a paranoid freak.  I'd drink if i had to but smoking in a f'd up country can get you in some real trouble unless your in Amsterdam then smoke away
  4. then again that might have been the wrong answer to the wrong question...
  5. I live here :p and others guys here smoke up literally anything but I prefer to be careful about what's goin inside my lungs.......
    I was wondering if there's another fellow stoner from India, who could endow me with some skills in the trade :p :)
  6. why would a dealer lace your drugs with more drugs for free? its bad business. makes no sense, i mean of course you wanna be careful but its just not realistic for someone to do this, especially with weed.
  7. Yea that's what I was thinking.
    I asked around a found that the 'chemi' hash here is available for 700 rupees for 10 grams, i.e. 70 per gram.
    And the one I picked is 700 rupees for 7 grams, i.e. 100 per gram, if it means anything? :S
  8. Yeah, no shit they wouldn't use an actual expensive drug, what would be the point? They use inexpensive chemicals that cost next to nothing...
  9. I heard in India they lace weed with battery acid to weigh it down. :eek:
  10. Yea I heard that too, the bud down in Pune and Bangalore is laced with shit literally, but decent stuff is available on the outskirts.

    But the matter of fact is I'm talkin bout hash and that too in the Northern Region.
    I had a talk with a seasoned toker from around this place an the guys here too who toke occasionally and have found that its quite uncommon for 'Hash' to be laced since its available quite in abundance plus Manali an Kasauli, the haven of creams, is quite nearby :p
  11. Bro people lace milk in India I know they do. I've heard of rat poison in weed to make an extra dollar. I've been to India and my family would only let me drink milk from the farm that they milked themselves because they said I wasn't used to the poisons in the milk from the city. They'll lace anything for a buck man be careful. 
  12. Yea heard about that too, that too happens more in the south :| but yea Ill keep my eyes peeled :p :)

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