Is it just me?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KRUPTED, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Im not sure about everybody else, but the reason I grow is to supply my own smoke and to keep all my people high. If you come to my house ya know you will leave red eyed and happy.
    This is my first "REAL" grow, but when I was getting set up & looking for some good seeds or clones people were being money hungry assholes and asking stupid prices (excess of $500) Anybody know you can order seeds online feminized for $150 or so! Thats just crazy to me.!!
    I myself am in this to spread the seed, drop prices, and flood this entire nation with DANK WEED!! Now that im getting my shit together im the guy that over clones to give them away. Need one take one, got one leave one!! Thats the only way to be if you ask me.
    I started about 50 seeds this spring about 35 sprout. When they got 5inch tall took them to a nice spot planted all down wind from a lemon haze male plant I had, I have not been back yet and dont plan on it til next year to see if any come back on its own.
    If only everyone grew for this reason, but to many paper chasin money hungry drug dealers out here. Thats why we need more PLAIN OLD POT HEADS OUT HERE!
  2. That's weird I'm listening to high all the time by 50 cent and he said it's just me which is the title of your thread. About your thread though cool story bro.
  3. Right on man!
  4. thats what i want to do but i dont have my own house yet. times will be good when i finaly have my own house.

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