Is it just me?

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  1. Is it just me or is main stream rap just plain awful? Not so much old stuff, but pretty much any rap song I hear now just annoys me. Although there are some songs I don't mind to me most of it is just rich douche bags singing about being rich, fucking girls, cheating, smoking, selling drugs, or being gangster. I cant understand why people think songs like Single by little Wayne are good songs. I would much rather listen to actual artists that are much less insulting like The Strokes or The Shins. This is especially true when I am smoking (If smoking is supposed to be relaxing why listen to music that is a slew of curse words, racial slurs, and narcissism). I think the most insulting of it all are the songs (if they can be called that) that are attempting to be romantic and sound deep when in reality they are not or when it is just the person literally speaking the words and there is a shitty beat in the background. Music should be lyrics and instrumentals or at least the latter. This is why I like burning alone sometimes, because if I am with other people they (occasionally) put on music like this and it just ruins my high. By myself I can just put on my headphones and drift off.:smoke:
  2. there is a thread that says the same thing almost every week. who cares? thats what the record execs push, dont listen. burn at your place so you dont have to listen to other peoples music.
  3. XD Exactly what I was thinking. I see this god damned topic every other day. We get it, mainstream rap sucks. Obviously, some people like it.

    OH. WELL.

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