Is it just me?

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  1. Is it just me who loves the topics in this section saying:

    "There's this girl.
    She: wrote something on my Facebook page/texted me/said something/looks at me alot.
    Does she like me?"

    They're hilarious.

  2. Hilarious? no

    Stupid? Maybe

    Lack of confidence? Oh you fucking bet.
  3. Guess that means it's just you :confused_2:
  4. Maybe it is.

    I find it funny that they expect people on the internet to deduce whether someone 'likes them'.

  5. OP is jealous he ain't got any chicks checking his facebook/looking at him.
  6. I've got a girlfriend. Who I love.

    So, cool. :hello:
  7. I agree... What's up with kids nowadays being completely unable to just FRICKIN' COMMUNICATE with someone?
  8. The last girlfriend I had asked me this. So naturally, I dumped her.

    I'm thinking now that maybe it would've helped if my last girlfriend spoke english.
  9. You people do know there are things called feelings and being shy is one of them...?
  10. Shyness is absolutely voluntary. You can conquer it if you really try to.

    But regardless... some people on here REALLY overthink things to the point of it just being absolutely ridiculous.

    Not to mention... in most cases - people come on here asking us all questions that NONE OF US can POSSIBLY answer. We don't know the people they're talking about - we have no way of giving a legit response.

  11. That's exactly what I was talking about. People make topics, saying, yeah this girl keeps looking at me at school, does she like me? I mean, come on now. That's just silly.
  12. Well, there's that, but I sometimes see it more of an extension of when someone just can't stop thinking about another person. When someone's friends IRL either don't want to hear about their crush or have heard too much and you don't actually get to talk about the person and for whatever reason you aren't talking to the person either. And then you just need some sort of outlet for thoughts, emotion, confusion, which this place provides.

    I also think sometimes these posts are intended by the OP to be catalysts to inspire them to do something, talk to the girl, whatever. They can feel like it isn't just their distorted preception of the situation and like they have the collective wisdom of GC backing or encouraging them.

    Sometimes people send bizarre and mixed signals and it's actually valid question too. Like you've exhausted rational thought with a person and tried everything you know how to do to get a clear sign from them but don't quite want to give up yet. At that point, posting to get some group input probably couldn't hurt at least.

    So, no, I don't think they're hilarious. I don't think they're particularly useful either just because it's rare GC gives a unanimous answer anyway and because a lot of the guys inclined to post these questions are also the guys inclined to get more nervous around the other person if he thinks there is attraction. And maybe the uncertainty was what was keeping him acting in a casual, non-awkward way, which attracted the other in the first place. There's also the reality that all one ever posts is their own perspective, which will be distorted no matter what, so GC never actually has the whole story.

    Some of us enjoy trying to figure people out though. I like those threads.
  13. I don't mind those posts. It's mostly kids without much or any experience with the opposite sex looking for a little guidance. Everyone needs a little help now and then and it gives others an opportunity to show a little kindness and pass along whatever wisdom or experience they might have. Nothing wrong with helping a brother out.
  14. Yea man, they're just as confused as we are. Nothing wrong with a little small talk on a community based website.
  15. There's a difference between seeking advice for a tough situation and asking a bunch of people a question we can't possible answer.

    ie: "This girl looked at me in class - does she like me?"

    We have no friggin' clue. If you're curious - go up to her and talk to her. If she's not interested, it'll be pretty damn obvious.

    Trial and error - go out and live your life instead of asking complete strangers for advice
  16. Weedandbombs has hit the nail on the head of what I'm trying to say. Yes, I'm not telling people to not make their topics, ask for their advice, etc, they can do as they please. I'm just saying I chuckle to myself every time I see someone asking for unrealistic advice, only the person in that situation can 'know' and have a feel for it, we couldn't possible know.
  17. I find there are usually clues. If there's too little information then the OP will just get lower quality advice.

    And these threads don't hurt anyone or negate the need to live a life or anything like that. We can encourage a person for 100s of posts to ask a girl out, but when he actually does it, GC isn't there to hold his hand. They're pretty similar to relationship advice columns really but with more people getting the opportunity to ask and more joke answers. Those have been around for a long time.
  18. I think we can all agree that there are a lot of stupid guys out there posting these threads. Most of which are highschool idiots.
  19. And some middle school..

    Jokes. I totally believe 100% of the people on here claiming to be 18 year old HS students.

  20. exactly. if only there were a subforum specifically for these kinds of threads so I don't have to keep clicking on them only to see its some kid who has no social skills.

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