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is it just me?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jfresh420, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. well first of all ive been smoking for a good 7 years now,and every once in a while ill end up buyin a bag of mids or a 1/4 for 45 bucks...and it seems to get me stoned alot better than the 60$ an 1/8 shit i get..any idea why? does this happen to any of you?and i know its not bc i smoked the same shit every time..Wrong,i always went with different shit each pick up so idk..:confused:
  2. It's the complete opposite for me...if I buy lower quality I usually just end up consuming a lot more and getting a headache...
  3. ^^alot of my friends say that..they always buy the cheap shit tho,and if i bring my shit they get high off maybe 4 hits..and im still there tokin and tokin:mad:

  4. That just comes with the territory, haha! When I smoke out my buddies who either don't smoke that often or buy poo they get blitzed off of hardly anything and get retarded while I'm on my 3rd or 4th bowl puffin away...take a break or just learn to accept it :)
  5. Eh I always got mids (reg) for a good price, good quantity, and very good quality. Normally two bowls of the reg I've smoked would get me fucked up. But now I can afford dank I buy it more often, but when I buy pounds (every few weeks) it's of bombass mids, because a pound of dank would be a little expensive since it's $25 a gram here.

  6. I was going to say, if you're buying pounds of dank...can I come live on your yacht or in your mansions guest house?
  7. Haha someday man :smoke:
  8. I put on my scientist hat and robe:

    Weed contains many (I think ~60) psychoactive chemicals (called cannibinoids), such as THC and CBD, that all contribute to your high.

    Dank has usually been bred and cultivated for maximum THC content, at the expense of the other cannibinoids. Lower quality weed contains less THC, but more of the other cannibinoids, relative to the THC content.

    When you smoke on dank for a while, you build up your tolerance to THC, but lose your tolerance to the other cannibinoids. So when you smoke some lower quality weed again, you get really stoned on the other cannibinoids.
  9. ...and we have a winner?
  10. I'll switch to midgrade for a little bit, but that's just so that when I switch back a week later I get really stoned off high quality again.

  11. yeah this happens to me... ive only been able to buy dank off of my current guy and i used to just buy mids... but i noticed that every time i can get my hands on some middies its a pretty decent high
  12. maybe your dealer lies to you and gives shittier weed when you ask for dank hahaha:cool:
  13. this is what im smoking as a i type this (this bud is insane)

    some mids

    basically if i smoke the good stuff for like a month straight and then smoke some mids, the high is different:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:
  14. Either way, my high from dank is much better.

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