is it just me?

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Do you feel like it's all over with?

  1. Are we in a Holy War?

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  2. Is it all about money?

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  3. Is it both?

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  4. or, none of the above?

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  1. Or, does it feel like the world is coming to an end? I watch the news...(very sparingly, I might add). But, I have never in my entire all the history I have been taught...have ever seen such hatred, violence, ignorance, and apathy toward another group of people, or people's.

    I am scared. Scared for my (soon to be 10 y/o) son...afraid for those I love...afraid for all of you...[​IMG].

    Sorry, to be such a downer...


  2. Thank you Critter...[​IMG]. I agree you have to just do the best you can with what you've got, and f*ck the rest.

  3. All wars are about power and control.

    There is a saying that i believe in.
    I can't change anything but myself and i can't do that unless I know how.

    One thing to remember you can't change other people.
  4. I totally agree with Bud Head. And if you can't change others' actions, then the best you can do is make your life and those around you better by the actions you choose to take in your life.

    Make the most of your life, and just hope it works out for the best out there. I think about it every day, but I'm not going to let it slow me down in the things I need and want to do for my life.

  5. just live your life what happens is gonna happen
  6. I think that the humans have been destroying the planet for many years now its just a matter of time till the human race destroys itself. If Pres. Bush goes after India, then u can say bye bye to the planet or life as we know it.

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  7. that picture is so funny thats great man where did you get that
  8. I'm thinking that this total increase in angst over intolerance may just be a precursor to the end-but it may take a good 30-40 years. Revelations tells us when we see the mark of the beast, watch out. That 666? I'm thinkin those are actually CHROMOSOMES TWISTED THE WRONG WAY. Here's how it goes- Three questions- 1) Is there any good reason to clone a human being? NO. We have our first lady pregnant with an actual CLONE BABY. (That, my friend, is a RED FLAG). 2) Is there any good reason to CHANGE YOUR GENETIC MAKEUP? Yes, if it is to cure a disease, No if it is to make your tits bigger and stuff (You get the picture?-there are, of course, some rules you have to follow, like which genes, where do you get them, etc.). 3) Is there any good reason to put human genes in an animal, or to put animal genes in a human?-Maybe, to save lives or cure diseases, etc., not to make a human fly or something, right? Godd, you're getting the idea. LETS LEARN MORE.

    Now how about this GEORGE BUSH, JOHN ASHCROFT, ASA HUTCHINSON BULLSHIT about the drug war. IS THERE ANY GOOD REASON TO USE CHRIST TO PUT PEOPLE IN JAIL, merely because of what they think or want to do about what they think? NOT IF IT IS MERELY TO PROP UP DRUG COMPANY PROFITS AND SHIT! I'm sorry if I swear occasionally. BUT THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO STOP. Thank you.
    PAUL PETERSON WAWOD (Warrior against the war on drugs). END OF TRANSMISSION

  9. well, you could be depressed and afraid your whole life, or you could simply accept the fact that were all idiots and will probably destroy ourselves in the near future and start enjoying life. why be afraid when theres nothing for you to fear?
  10. It's all about the cash

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  11. Perplexing as life can be, I have found that the best thing I can do is become the best me that I can, and transfer as much of the understanding to others.

    I admire the depth of care you have for your son, in that you look at the BIG WORLD and see things in it that you would prefer your son never have to experience. I think that your son will be just fine, with you for a father.

    Too many parents don't listen to their children, pretend to care, and then force their children to conform, instead of allowing them to develope their own sense of self.

    *SORRY.... sliding soapbox out of the way :)*

    When I start to get down about the state of this world/country, and the major changes that are coming at us like a heavy rainstorm (ie. changes in FBI practises that at one time were great big NO NO's!), I have to just sit back and realize that I have no control over those things. I can write my congressman, tell him/her my opinion, but in the end they vote how THEY want to vote, regardless of what the voters are telling them we want. When we keep electing the same dead weight to office, what can we expect?
    This election I will be voting for, and campaigning for Libertarian canidates in my state/county elections.

    Just ME: when you start to worry, just sit back and think of all the time that people spend on "conforming" and smile, because you know that you don't have to!
  12. Mayor_LaLa, justme is one of our beautiful Bladie members, and a Damn good MOTHER!! lol :D :D :smoking:
  13. My biggest "SORRY" to MRS. JUSTME!

    I am a newbie, and will make those types of mistakes from time to time.... :)

    I still admire the depth a caring that is there! :)
  14. I beleive that if u think to yourself that it all sux ass then it will, but if you pull your sox up and get on with it and just look forward to the positive then it won't suck confusious once said.......i think?
  15. as sad as the reality of the subject is, the world is coming to an end. with so much violence and hatred in this physical life sometimes i wonder would i be better off dead?
    how stupid is it that some ounk kid could just blow me away without even giving it a thought, all for what little change i might have. why do we hate eathother? the mind of man is a sick and twisted one my friend.....
    it just kinda makes u realize what is important in your life...
    tell those u care about u love them because tommorow could be too late.

    KEEP YOUR HEAD UP MAN.and live everyday like it was ur last...smoke as much weed as u can
  16. if one man could blow us up and end it all then together we could do so much but altough we may feel sorry for the vunerable or fear a situation till we feel truly threatened we just stay sat on our arses the intentions are there but our human nature is too selfish. we care but soon forget . What can we do anyway? have fun? is it out of our control?
  17. As Rasta, I&I know that we are living in Revelation times...these is nothing new under the sun so ones mustn't stress over these things...knowing that your are walking in the path of the Most High JAH is consolation your Hola Ible and see that wickedness and corruption on the part of the "haves" against the "have nots" is the common thread of human "civilization"...fear not...why worry when I&I can pray...
  18. it just takes one bad apple with a nuke to obliterate the whole bunch
  19. i voted 'Its all about the money'.. because it just is.. society is so deluded.. nothing is real anymore

    the mainstream is just kind of living without any direction, buying shit until they die, doing whatever the higher-ups want them to do.. but that doesnt mean that life itself has lost anything. raise your son in a way that will allow him to appreciate the shit that really makes people happy.. whatever happens in the world happens

    ..pun intended in the title?

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