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  1. Or is the popularity of the idea marijuana being legalized for medicinal use growing steadily? Or am I just spending too much time looking into this?
  2. You can never look to far into it.

    And yes. The movement is gaining momentum everyday. Proof of this is in it's spread to more states.
  3. yea,,, hopefull NJ will get it, still in the process...nah fuck it!! i hope all states. :smoke:
  4. I just hope it's legal before the Great depression
  5. great statement, just had to say that lol, i literally laughed when i read this. and ganjprincess, its awesome to see a GIRL in jersey that blazes and knows whats up with mmj props!
  6. Yes, with a former stoner as a president things are only looking good for legalization/decriminalization. Many of my anti-drug friends and family have now changed their minds and are more willing to accept the use of cannabis.
  7. That's funny that you say that. I was just thinking about that yesterday. Then I was like is it just me though that thinks like we're getting closer to some of sort of legalization? Cause I know they may have thought the same thing 10yrs ago. That's when I thought maybe I'm just seeing so much about it at one time it seems. Recently with a lot of movies/documentaries that have came out and the whole Phelps thing. Well atleast it's getting attention and being spoken about openly on the news. I was happy to see Bill Maher recently talking to Larry King and he spoke right out. Made me happy to see someone on tv talking about it like it was just anything else. here's a link to it if you haven't seen it yet. I just love Bill Maher :) I'm happy to have him on our side![ame=""]YouTube - Bill Maher on Micheal Phelps Pot Smoking[/ame]

  8. the depression won't be nearly as bad (if not prevented) with the money that the government can make from legalizetion
  9. Bill Maher had Ron Paul on the premier of Real Time tonight and they were talking about legalizing marijuana there as well.

    It's everywhere, please continue to spread the word wherever you go. Use the massive amount of information that the internet has made available to your advantage.

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