is it just me?

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  1. Because whenever i doo shrooms i dont like all the shit that people think is "hella trippy" like psyc rock or pysc art and all that. but i like more dirty and grimy things like basements and public bathrooms. idk why but i think its just cooler and its trippy without trying. why look at something thats trying to mimic a shroom experience when everything else does look like that without trying?

    sorry its kinda pointless and i know we really dont need another thread about shrooms but i was just thinking:smoke::smoke::smoke:

    sorry to waste your time
  2. It's just you.
  3. Definitely just you. Not trying to induce a bad trip on myself, friend.
  4. Actually, when Im sober Im an extremely clean, percise person. When I do shrooms, I can deal with the "dirtiness." That "nature" feeling gets to me.
  5. Sounds you like connecting to "real" things when your tripping. Try tripping in the woods...
    Falls coming up and with all the colorful leaves, rain and mold, you may like it more.

    (I've never tried shrooms but it make sense very high me:D)

  6. ya same here im what some people cosider "a metro" i dont like to classify myself but that gives you an idea of who i am.

    its not like i want a bad trip, its just; why do i need to trip like everyone else?
  7. i'm like that too, although i do like strobelights n shit like that, but i personally prefer to observe the way things are from a new set of eyes

    same with music, when i'm trippin i like classical type music cuz it has so many instruments, and its just insane to think that one man wrote all the music for every instrument
  8. to everyone their own
  9. i like going to the wilderness to shroom or fry.fucking wilderness is crazy like to take lomg walks and giggle and shit
  10. eh, I like psychedelic rock while tripping because it fits....however i kind of can get what your saying, i don't know about public bathrooms but i like to be outside in trippy areas.......although the last couple times i got a little TOO far out and detatched from reality, and ended up in a pretty bad paranoid state of mind.
  11. dirty places have more little things that look like they could be moving

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