Is it just me ?

Discussion in 'General' started by AlabamaToker, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. Is it just me or is the legalization of weed spreading like wild fire and have minds churning ?

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  2. It's just you; you're crazy man.
  3. Lol

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  4. It's obviously spreading. Think about it, our elders generation tell us that everyone used to always talk about legalization, but they never had anything to show for it. Today there a multitude of states that allow you to consume marijuana for medical purposes, and two states that have legalized recreational marijuana. You can go to Colorado right now and buy weed, legally under state law, as long as you're over 21. We have never been able to say that. You can buy weed without the fear of being arrested! Now we just have to wait for all of the other states to catch on. In my opinion, it will be legalized on a federal level, before every state makes the decision to legalize.
  5. Dude .... wtf is weed
  6. Mind churning over what? OP is vague tbh.
  7. Marijuana is bad guys, we all need Jesus. Repent and I'll forgive your sinful thoughts. (By repent, I mean give all your weed so I can dispose of it in a proper way upon the good lord's words).
  8. When the state needs money the people will pay. They are starting to get the idea that prohibition is only bringing in money from the people they catch, and the rest of us will be glad to chip in if it were legal.
    What is worth more? 30,000 people paying a few hundred or a thousand once or twice in a lifetime...or several million paying a few hundred a year for life?
    Yeah, it's catching on. BUT..don't go voting on any law that doesn't allow for personal grows. People that do that are just as bad as the people voting against legalization.
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    what's even more crazy is that my phone is more powerful than every computer I've ever owned (excluding current laptop) whaaaat

    the times they are a-changin'
  10. We best get the country lined up and ready to go and get to legalizing all states before the next pres election. Obama's so called softer on medical marijuana was not so soft after all and it will probably prove to be a bit of a stickier process if a Republican become Pres.

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