Is it just me?

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  1. Is it just me or can other people just feel the worlds views changing for the better when it comes to Cannabis laws its as if we are all waking up to the lies we have been told not just stoners but every one older timers young guns, peoples views are changing fast the bullshit politicians tell people about our holy herb just does not cut it anymore!!!!

    I feel very optimistic very optimistic indeed :D
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  2. The word "snowball" comes to mind.
    The g-rated version of the word.
  3. Well, it's ramped up over the years and I'm happy to finally see two states in position for a showdown with the feds. Let's just hope the feds address the issue positively rather than just remain silent. I don't trust Holder at all though.
  4. There's a massive generational difference on the opinion of weather or not weed should be legalized. It truly isn't a question of if weed will be legalized, but when. The vast majority of the anti legalization people spouting complete bs about the "dangers" of marijuana are getting old and won't be able to enforce their ignorant and out of date views much longer.

    Refference:Poll: Americans Favor Legalization of Marijuana 51-44 Percent | CNS News

    There's a video somewhere online as well citing that info.

    So we have two options, wait patiently for the elderly to pass on and stop voting against it, or just cut funding to nursing homes to speed up the process.
  5. Hahaha That made me laugh. Not a bad idea tho in these radical times ;)

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  6. It's not really the elderly, you have to figure that most of the people in the 1960s that were pro cannabis are now in their 60s and 70s. Even though a lot of them may not use anymore they have an open mind about it. It is the drug war establishment that is the problem...the people that line their pockets with the easy money that is legislated to fight said war, and opportunists like the prisons for profit crowd....don't be so quick to lay the blame on "old people" btw, I've been smoking since 1966 and I'm 62.....
  7. God damn you must have smoked some buds in your time!!!! Your right what your saying tho. The government that plays into the hands of the paper, tobacco and pharmacuticle companys recieves the most camaign funds from said companies. Its an unfair and unjust system.
    Myself and a very highly educated friend of mine believe the american and british governments are actually trying to get the people to start a revolution. If not the governments then the elite 1% are.

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  8. I've smoked some real shit too....
  9. I totally agree with jmick! And so does AARP!

    AARP Poll Shows Most Support Legalizing Medicinal Marijuana

    And I am working as best I can to get cannabis legalized! I comment in the news regularly (It's fun "hunting" and "shooting down" prohib trolls! :D ) As "Storm" I have commented in these recent articles -

    Marijuana smokers get nod to light up in Colorado as pot legalized - Yahoo! News

    Marijuana goes legal in Washington state amid mixed messages - Yahoo! News

    Vision loss tied to diabetes on the rise in U.S. - Yahoo! News

    (there's more, but 3 is enough ;))

    Folks read those comments. When was the last time you commented in the news? :confused:

    The only way folks are going to learn the facts about cannabis, is if you tell them! :yay:

    Granny :wave:
  10. Shes right. Because of a small argument we once had on here I have educated myself and everyone who will listen to me about the truth behind marijuana. Unfortunatly being a brit trying to open a legal coffee shop in spain turned out to be impossible without serious funds. Granny has helped me to learn so much anyway and i have her list linked in my signatures all over the place.

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  11. In Indiana here one of the police chiefs said he wanted to see it legalized so they could actually go after real criminals. We have possible legalization coming up so crossing my fingera
  12. Thats the major problem with the world atm. Smokers and growers alike are only criminals because the law says so. They dont hurt, rob or bother anybody else but because of the choice of herbs we like, we get put inside and fucked over because of injust unfair law!!!! Mo fos the lot of em

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  13. Our whole system of government is designed to slow social change. No matter how many progressives you have in your state legislatures, one conservative or well bribed governor can shut things down.

  14. hmm... you've clarified it... but it doesn't help really.
  15. We voted for change 4 years ago but we will never see it. They enjoy keepin the people poor so we have to work constantly just to live and stay in the same place. Legalization would only be the first step, it will eventually happen only question is when. I'm worried because Indiana is also the only state left that you cannot buy alcohol on Sundays.
  16. I feel like we will have nationwide legalization before the end of 2014. There is today a solid majority of at least 53% of the USA that want marijuana legal from what i have been reading, and that support grows every day, but that support is now growing at an extremely faster rate now that 2 states have legalized marijuana. I expect the majority of voters for marijuana legalization to be over 60% by the end of 2014. there is simply to much growing support for marijuana, for prohibition to last much longer.
  17. The sun newspaper in england did a poll and 97% of brits want cannabis legalised.

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  18. I haven't been back there in about a year but last I recall, you can't buy alcohol on Sundays in GA either. I totally agree with your post though.
  19. It's not just you. The number of articles in the media is amazing, and every one of them is pro-legalization, except for the few written by members of the cult of prohibition.

    And on a personal basis, people are so much more open to talking about marijuana now. Before CO and WA legalized it was like "marijuana's illegal so it must be bad", and now it's like "marijuana's legal in some states so it must be ok to talk about and actually I'm all for it". It's so good to see!

  20. 97% was the final figure then I knew it would be high thats unreal.

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