is it just me??

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  1. Or does it seem to anyone else that the Newbie forum on this site has an in-ordinate amount of people that say they want to grow but are not willing to do any research or work?

    I mean c'mon if you cannot expend the energy to read and learn what chance does your gaarden have? There are many who have been members here for a long time and are asking very basic questions. I don't get it.

    Just my .02
  2. I would LOVE to grow. But ive done reasearch on how to keep my fucking herb garden alive and failed at that. I always got the best advice from actual people. so I wouldn't judge, some people just do better with actual people talking to them than they do reading an article, it may seem annoying but at least they want to learn.
  3. I do not mean to judge. I always enjoy helping newbies who are self-motivated. It is the main reason I even post on these sites
  4. But I don't think that anyone here is willing to walk someone through a grow step by step.
  5. No there should be personal incintive to Learn I understand. I'm just the type of person who ALWAYS second guesses themselves and I ALWAYS have some sort of question. Its very annoying to a lot of people, but I HATE doing something then doing it wrong and having to start all over. I end up researching and asking the question again to someone just to double check that I absolutely have it 100% right.
  6. Asking questions on growing is not exactly what I am talking about. I am speaking of the peeps that post...what kind of lights, should I buy? what medium is best? what kind of seeds should I buy?, how do I germinate seeds? when do I add nutes? etc etc.

    It seems that instead of reading the thousands of posts that are available on these and many other subjects. It just seems that some of them may be better off finding dealers instead of looking for someone else to do the work so they can get the yield.
  7. In the time I have been on here I learned a lot pre first grow attempt ever. I had to actually harvest some buds today because of the crowding amongst my 3 plants. If you want me to, I'll post some pics of the 7 buds I cut off today.
  8. Exactly, my point. You did the research and are now reaping the rewards. Good for you! But you likely did not have someone telling you step by step what and how to do things from buying equipment to harvesting. That is what this site is for right? To read and study for yourself and then ask specific questions on a particular issue.
  9. WOW, I just saw your grow log. Freakin awesome. I already repped you for your post here. If I could I would rep again for an awesome first grow. Like I said you OBVIOUSLY took the time to research before even germinating.

  10. Well, I have an M.ED so yes, I could read it myself and comprehend it also. I did some research recently on the switching to the Core Curriculum Tests that will be mandatory in the 2013-2014 SY and it stated that the avg. US citizen has a 5.8 reading level. That means 5th grade, eighth month. So yes, there will be people on here who can barely even read, let alone comprehend what they read, esp. if the are very many 3+ syllable words. Just saying.
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    Thank you so much. My germinating consisted of open seed pack from Attitude, insert seeds about 2" into soil in plastic WMart style pots for $1.00 on clearance and wait. Took them awhile before they came forth from the dark soil. At about 2" tall I put them as follows 1 into-5 gal. sac, 1 into 3 gal. sac and the other the same, 3 gal. I really like those sacs.

    My plants have out done my expectations by 10x. I realized early on how important the fan blowing on them is/was even the babies. I have thick, hardy stalks. Did you see my one bud that is almost 12" long and still growing? The ones I trimmed off my shortest plant, that I FIM'd just a few weeks after starting flowering on 10/1/12, are from 6" to 3". I did the FIM just to see what would happen. An experiment really. That girl turned into a little bud producing animal. Thick, dense buds all in the center. Try to imagine looking at bouquet of 24 roses from the top. That's what she almost looks like. I have a professional photographer, lifelong friend, smoker, coming to take some HQ pics over T-Day break. I will post those soon. I have lots of pics on different threads here. Search the post by feature to see some more if you want.

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  12. i learned how grow top notch nugs on this site

  13. Is our nation really that illiterate? I'm loosing hope.

  14. Sorry man, I had to do it.

  15. Data on national public school test results, remedial classes for college freshmen and etc., etc., show this is true.
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    I don't mind responding to most posters that have grow questions but I normally don't respond to posts where the OP hasn't done the initial footwork.
    Being a newbie grower (1 1/2 years there abouts) part of my learning experience is helping others to find answers, expands my knowledge base.
  17. Yeah I mean people should be willing to learn things for themselves. I've read a shit load of stuff on growing and I've never even had a garden that was fully my own, I was a helper. But I like to learn and I like finding things out on my own. If I can't find what I need in a book, online, or from friends then I will ask in a forum.
    A lot of people want big rewards from the tiniest amount of work possible.
  18. Yeah, I have seen several threads tonite where noobs have a list of questions that could have been answered by spending 5 minutes on google.
    Kids these days...
  19. i'll hit the cultivation forums (you know we have those right?) for a little while each night to help out newbie growers :)

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