is it just me? "Whatdafxup"?

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  1. you see these new "truth" commercials? im getting sick of them now. its like they are beating me with a stick...and its starting to get bloody. i get it already...i can get cancer if i smoke, but you know what? the amazing thing is i have the choose weither to put a cigerette in my time for people to start taking responciblity for thier actions. you put the thing in your mouth, you choose to breath it in. stop blaming the tabacco companies. and yes; i know these companies are huge now and have lots of money, but im sure they would loose some buissness if people grew some balls and starting taking responciblity for thier bodies, for fucks sake. ive been smoking sense i was 15, i made the choice when i smoked and when i didnt (at no point did the tabacco company tell me to). if you find yourself having an addictive personia...dont touch them.will power!

    thanks for reading the rant.
  2. :hello:
  3. In my lifetime, i have learn that people are weak.

    The average person doesn't posesses introspect, integrity, will-power or responsibility.

    Just as addictive personalities exist, there exists personalities such as ours which can responsibly use substances with minimal risk.
  4. i was at work the other day and someone from the night stocking crew had a radio going and honest to god a anti drug thing came on and it said something like "i got high with my friend because she said is was fun the next thing i know my friend was telling me we should go shoplift, so i found myself in a store with a cupcake with frosting on it in my pocket, but it just wouldnt stay and the store manger was looking at me asking me if i needed help with something" i simply asked myself what...the...fuck... who high or sober would try to stick a fucking cupcake in their pocket and last time i checked a cupcake will just stay if you leave it on your desk and come back your not gonna be looking for your fucking cupcake its gonna be where you left it, it doesnt grow fucking legs and run around your room. not only that if you stick a cupcake in your pocket it's gonna get smashed. times likes this you have to think who the fuck writes something like this and then goes through the hands of so many to end up on the radio.
  5. Ciggerette companys are selling stuff that kills people. Straight up causes cancer, the commercials are annoying but how is the governtment gonna allow that and not weed?

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