Is It Just Me or

Discussion in 'General' started by (T)x(H)x(C), Apr 22, 2006.

  1. You People Also Seeing More and More obvious teenagers on here everyday...i mean comeon now people i dont wanna get in trouble for teaching lil eric to grow a plant:cool:
  2. Yeah, like I'm seeing a lot of eighTEEN and nineTEEN year olds here. Freakin' TEENagers! What's this world coming to? :cool:
  3. Hey now, theres nothing wrong with 18, and 19 year olds its just those other teens you gotta watch out for!
  4. you've only been here for the month and you are noticing that?
  5. the site doesnt get in trouble for what a minor lies about, every known minor is banned regardless and thats enough to keep SJ out of trouble
  6. Im not talking about 18 and 19 year talking about little kids i.e. 13-17......
  7. So, you're checking online ID's to find out who's between 13 & 17 years old? Where do I get one of these online ID's? I'm gonna need one to prove that I'm over 18, won't I? :cool:
  8. sorry for being a teenager, jeez

    ...actually, no, i'm not at all :p
  9. All Hail The Banhammer.


  10. that confuses the hell out of me....

  11. You'd be so suprised (or maybe not) at how often people don't read the big read letters that say you have to be 18+, and then go to a forum and say something like "I'm 14 and blah blah blah". I imagine these must be the same type of people who would push a button on a plane that says "Do Not Push" and kill everyone on board.
  12. i thought we were friends :(:hide::cry:

  13. Dude, I hope you know that my reply above was totally 'tongue-in-cheek'. Of course we're friends! It's you teenagers who keep me on my toes, keep me feeling younger than I really am, and keep a smile on my face... YOU in particular.

    I just wonder why we need to state our dismay over something that we have very little control over... underage people are going to post. We can't really stop them, so we should find a way to deal with them while they're here. With all the warning signs dealing with underage posters, GC has done all that can really be done about it. If they get in under the radar by stating that they're over 18, should we have to become psychologists to discern the true age of the posters through what they say? And why should it bother anyone anyway... well, besides the immaturity level, but even then, there are plenty of immature posters who are over 18, and how do we deal with them?

    Love you, UCF-Toker!:wave: :cool:
  14. Damn, im eighTEEN, does that mean im unwanted. BULLSHIT!
  15. AS long as no one acts immature as shit. I couldnt care less what theyre age was. But thats just me. And Im pretty sure like half of this site is 18,19 yr olds.
  16. lol try majority under 18, and respected members even come out about it quite a bit when they finally turn 18

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