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is it just me or

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hiLIKEaMARTIAN, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Is weed expensive? Like a dub will last me a day and a half. That's 20 a day if i want to smoke everyday. Which would amount to well over $100 a week. I've incorporated an idea such as having friends "put 5 on it" and this has saved me money but then it just brings about the problem of me not having enough weed to smoke. I love weed but it's too damn expensive. I've got a job but still..

    I guess what i'm inquiring is.. how the hell do you make weed last? Edibles? is a bong worth the investment of conserving weed? etc etc. i'll take any ideas here.
  2. I would not smoke joints if your trying to conserve it. Basically joints just burn non-stop, wasting a lot of smoke. I'd suggest to start growing but you and I know thats just a pain in the ass and a risk you dont want to take probably.

    So best bet would be a bong. Edibles if you want to be high the whole day.
  3. I have been smoking daily for 4 years and have almost never rolled a joint :hello:. Edibles don't conserve weed though because of how much weed it requires to make them. You could try a vaporizer if you want an investment or just try a T-break
  4. Yea, wasnt that sure about edibles... I know they take a lot of weed to make but the high lasts forever which I guess evens it out.
  5. Do bongs conserve weed better
  6. If you really want to conserve get a vape. It will pay for itself in the long run.

    Also if you just pack single hits in a pipe you can get high with almost no wasted herb.

    Just conserve.

  7. yea I smoke out of a bowl and blunts when im with people, but the weed still goes quick.
  8. Either:
    You smoke more with people around you because you want to,


    Other people smoke more than you.

    Could be why your weed is going so fast.

    Here where I live I get 1/8ths for $20 sometimes.
  9. That's why you buy in bulk.

  10. well they got 5 on it too so i guess they smoke what they want but still when im by myself i want weed to last me.
  11. Don't rip a bong, pack a bowl and smoke a little every time you feel it fading. I've made a half last a week smoking every day after I get home from school.
  12. yea they do for example. if i have a 5piece(half gram) you can only roll 1 joint but you can get a good 6 or 7 bong tokes. but you can space the bong tokes out you cant really do it with a joint. so bongs do make your weed last longer yeah
  13. Weed isn't expensive; tolerance is. If you're smoking once a week, by the quarter-bowl, and making a $50 pickup every other month, you really don't feel it.
  14. instead of spending 20$ every day, save that 20$ everyday for the week and buy a half with it, 14g > roughly 8grams from buying dubs
  15. Yea its crazy expensive, that is if you purchase a decent amount. After youve grown once and realised that this stuff is free to create you will become sick to your stomache about haveing to shell out all kinds of dough for this natural resource. Still its worth the high cost to many people which shows just how valuable it truely is. Ps. try buying in larger amounts because buying g's / dubs is more of a rip when it doesnt have to be that way. keep your tolerance in check to save money so you wont find yourself consuming as much.
  16. Load 1 hits in a bong and buy bulk amount.
  17. Unless you get paid daily, you should make pick ups every paycheck. Get enough to last until the next paycheck. When you buy in bulk it's a lot cheaper.
  18. To conserve your weed, get a vape (which would be the best option to conserve) or a bowl. Joints are most definitely the best way to conserve. Or you could make edibles if you want to try them.
  19. I hope this is a typo.

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