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Is it just me? or the weed im smoking?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by sauceychamploo, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. I started smoking when i was like 16 im 19 now and things are just different :confusedalt: when i first started smoking it was great i was doing it everyday and me and all my friends would have great times now when i smoke i dont wanna do anything or talk to anyone i feel unmotivated and anti social i have those once in a blue moon highs were that doesnt happen and the effects are opposite but its rare. I heard different strains have different effects but i live in ny its not like colorado where i can choose and be 100% sure thats the strain most the time the dealer tells me its "sour." i took a break off smoking but im regretting it i love the loud man i think about it almost everyday lol im not a fiend i just wish i knew what it was that was makin me feel this way!
  2. It happens. You probably won't ever get back that feeling of being new to weed. It's like trying to go back to feeling the way you did the first time you had sex. Shit is just different now.

    If weed is having a negative effect on you (anti-social, unmotivated) then it's definitely good to take a break for a while.
  3. i refuse to take that! there has to be somethin im doin wrong Bob marley once said "the herb reveals you to yourself" i feel like ive been exposed to that im constantly over thinking way to much i feel like i gotta fight the feeling
  4. Is it possible that you got hold of a sativa strain? The reveal thing and overthinking both sound like sativa aftereffects. You may be overdoing it as well. Just try 2 or 3 hits, see how you feel.
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  5. You will never get back the feeling of the first year(s) of being high. It just doesn't come back. T breaks help, even 1 week can drastically improve the effects again.
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  6. When you leave high school, it's all downhill from there.
  7. Well im in college right now and everybody smokes out here it sucks that i cant join the cyphs cause i know how ill be when im high
  8. time to make some new friends in the college scene! many blades toke it up, shouldn't be hard to find a new circle :passtheshit:
  9. I'm your age as well and just smoke with your buddies that's what I've been doing its fun being with people stoned. The only thing is I actually don't mind smoking alone and being lazy only on days that I know I've done my homework and I don't work.

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