is it just me or is gravity messed up...

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  1. when im stoned its like gravity is heavier. and the ground feels soft like my feet sink in. does anyone share this with me. its so crazy to try to walk. my shoulders also feel really heavy. but everything around is so soft like mush.
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    A little known fact about cannabis is that smoking it alters the fabric of space time and the fundamental laws of physics.
  3. i agree. once i felt like i was launching out of a rocket from the shed i hotboxed in, then all of a suddenly i was in the front see of a fighter get. the g force was so strong.
  4. Yes that happens a fair bit to me. Just remember your body is effected by gravity, consciousness is not.
  5. ya i feel you man, once i was just sitting down and i felt like i was on a magic carpet like in Aladin... its actually quite freaking awesome :hello:

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